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_feminism's Journal

The Feminism Community
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This is a community focused around feminism and feminists. Join this community to learn more about feminism & the many types of feminism, to share knowledge, or just to discuss feminism in general. ANYTHING relating to feminism is welcome.

I moved the rules to this page because I added some NEW rules.

1.) There are many types of feminism and not one certain kind. Nobody will be shunned in this community. Everyone is welcome and will be accepted into this community.
2.) No arguing about how "feminist" you are and how "un-feminist" someone else is will be tolerated in this community. This community is about feminism, as a whole, not one certain kind.
3.) No trolls, flamers, or troublemakers allowed! No drama allowed! If you try to stir up an arguement or talk about how feminist you are and someone else isn't, you'll be banned.
4.) If you disagree with someone's beliefs on feminism or with a certain type of feminism, Do not argue about it. Feel free to express your opinions, but don't force your opinions on others. Have an open-mind and realize that not everyone in this community will share your views. Be willing to accept any and all different views.
5.) Unlike most feminist communities, This community doesn't have many rules and isn't "elitist", when it comes to feminism. When it comes to feminism. We know that there are many kinds of feminism and welcome any type of feminist. Male feminists are welcome here too. If you are "elitist" or can't handle the rules, Don't join this community or you will be banned.
6.) If you joined this community & deleted the journal that you joined with, I will remove you from the community to keep the community members list neat and clean. If you decide to undelete your journal, you can always re-join this community!
7.) Do not bash community members feminism or anything listed in the interest list!
8.) No hate, racism, or sexism will be tolerated in this community! No anti-feminists will be allowed in this community!
9.) No rating community promotions allowed! However, if you have a community related to feminism or something in the interest list of this community, feel free to advertise it in this community. You can only do this once a month or you will be banned.
10.) If you affiliate with this community, but delete your community, Your community will be deleted as an affiliate. This will keep the userinfo page looking clean and neat. If you undelete your community, You can always re-join as an affiliate.

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