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Feline Divine

The best little feline community on LiveJournal!

The Most Divine Feline Community!
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to _feline_divine_, the best little feline community on LiveJournal!
Not convinced we're the best? We'll tell you why we're the best!
- Contests!
- Surveys and Quizzes!
- Prizes and recognition!
- Info about kitties!
This community was started by cat lovers for cat lovers! It is maintained and moderated by oddgrrlout, and elfenlied_. Please note that the members of this community are not veterenarians. If you would like to ask a question about your kitty's health, please, feel free, but also get your kitty to the vet as soon as possible!

Now, for the rules -
1. There will be no bashing of other members, or their kitties. This will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban without warning.
2. We love all things having to do with kitties, but please, no posting inapproptiate pictures or subjects. (i.e. dead kitties, videos of kitties or any other animals being harmed.) Making these kind of posts will result in a ban without warning.
3. We want your picture submissions! But please be curtious and put all your pictures bigger than 500x500 pixels behind an LJ-Cut so that it saves on the members friends pages! To use this feature, use the following tag: <*lj-cut text="your text here"*> minus the *'s. Need somewhere to host your kitty pictures? PhotoBucket.com will give you 25 megs for FREE to host your images.
4. If your kitty is sick and so are your finances, you are allowed to post topics asking for donations, but don't be offended if some members don't donate. A lot of us are broke too!
5. If you have a kitty community and want to post a promo here, I have no problem with it, but there will be NO promoting of something as dumb as a "Cat Rating Community". The post will be removed and the user will be banned. How do you rate a cat? I have no idea.
6. In general, have fun. This community was established simply to bring everyone who loves kitties and all things cat related together. If there is a problem, the mods will be on top of it!

We don't require that you fill out an intro survey, but it is optional. We would like to know who everyone is! Here is the survey if you're interested -

Your name:
Name of your feline(s):
How did you hear about _feline_divine_?:
Post pictures of your babies, and tell us about them!:

Community Promotion

We don't require that you promote our community, but if you would like to, here are some promo banners!


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