Havana Brown

Hi there, I have a Havana Brown named Hershey. I've had her for 14 years and shes the best friend/pet/family member ever. She has the best personality. She can be quite a B***h sometimes but she loves me and shes amazing. They are a hard  breed to find. I live in AZ A lady claimed to have some kittens but they were not true Havana's. If anyone finds one, kittens, or a miz that needs a home I would be interested. Shes my love and I love the breed.

um... anyone?

Hey :)

I live in Australia and own a Chartreux cat. We didn't buy her, she was abandoned outside our front gate starving, so we 'adopted' her and she's been living with us for three years. About two days ago we discovered that she's a Chartreux. We would really like to get another kitten, the same breed as she is but we've run into a snag - no-one appears to breed or sell these kittens in Australia. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of one???

Picture 1: Female Chartreux Show Cat

Picture 2: My Cat, Leeloo


Orange County, CA residents

I have a cat I rescued and I am looking to find him a forever home. He has been fixed and had his first round of shots. I would love to keep him as my own, but he is young and rambunctious and my two older cats are miserable. It is not fair to them (NO, I will not dump him or shelter him if I do not find a home for him).

He is extremely affectionate and playful. Leave me a message here and I will get back to you.
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I don't know if this one is blurry, but on my computer, it is really blurry :(
Oh well... Yeah I know he's pretty fat....but he is certainly one happy cat :) He went from starving and wondering outside in January, to becoming an indoor cat and getting pretty big :P he's a little pig...but we still love him :D

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Im driving from San Diego to San Francisco, then from SF to Portland.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips or how I should do this.
Im driving. Two cats, plus stuff that i'm taking with to move.
Please let me know

Cat Food.

So I am currently feeding my kittens a brand called avoderm.
However, this is running me a tabs of about 20+ dollars a week.
As a college student this is kinda of hard.
I have two cats. One is about a year plus old and the other is under six months but eats like hes 2.
Anyway. I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas for cat food.
I want a food that is good for them and their skin (because they shed alot) But I also want it to be low cost. And If it is possible Organic but that is not must.
I am against Iams so that is already out of the question.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know.
Also would a raw diet be better or worse? Cheaper or more expensive?
Thoughts needed.

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This is my cat Merlin. We adopted him as a stray 2 years ago when I brought him home from where I live at university. I come from Southampton, England but I've only just found out he is a Maine Coon and that's a North American long-haired breed. Friends who visit my house have always called him fat, but now I realise being big-boned is a normal part of their type!

We had no idea what breed he was when we first started looking after him because he was so skinny and his fur was so matted. Now he's certainly grown into his breed-type as a large and gorgeous cat. Reading about Maine Coons has really made me laugh because he behaves just like they describe-- He plays fetch and knock over glasses of water. I really love his colouring and lion-mane.

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Your name: Tom

Name of your feline: Muezza (the name of Muhammad's cat...I was studying Islam when I got him) :)

How did you hear about _feline_divine_?: Poking around LJ

Post pictures of your babies, and tell us about them!:

One of my favorite photos:


-He's a tuxedo kitty.
-He's very vocal.
-He likes to unroll toilet paper.
-He bites (but not hard, the vet said they're "love bites")
-His favorite toy is probably the laser pointer I picked up at Petco.

-Btw, anyone looking for a new lj friend? :)
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