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Seeing in Monochrome


01-30 Dollhouse
31-36 Buffy
37-57 Skins
58-61 90210
62-63 Gossip Girl
64-65 The Lonely Island - On a Boat
66-88 Actors (Alyson Hannigan, Anna Faris, Audrey Hepburn, January Jones, Jessica Szohr, Michelle Trachtenberg, Natalie Dormer)

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Credit oravannahka NOT _feigenbaum_
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TV: FF: River object

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70 Jossverse Icons
20 + 2 alternate Firefly for jossverse100
20 Firefly and Firefly Actors/Actresses – Adam, Alan, Summer, Jewel
9 Angel
12 Buffy and Buffy Actresses – Sarah, Alyson, Eliza
6 Buffyverse Halloween/Thanksgiving
1 Spike & River

I do have Christmas icons from the jossverse and other Christmas movies that I am working on. Those will be posted in November, though. So, keep a look out :)

I've had these for days...just haven't been able to post.

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