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Feel My Soul

Take me your way...

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Welcome to Feel My Soul. This is a mp3 rotation journal run by lilac_neko, with the help of her friends. While most of the mp3s posted here are asian (notably, Japanese), we generally just post whatever we have, so we aren't limited to just Japanese music. Name of the community/journal was inspired by the YUI and Kimeru song of the same name.

We don't have any set days we update; however, we generally like to update weekly on the weekends.

Check out Tsuki and Megumi's music reviews/ramblings community, lost_wing if you feel like listening to us ramble about albums/singles.

1) Please download only one song at a time -- especially for those uploaded on our own personal servers.
2) Please do not post these links elsewhere.
3) Comment when you download.
4) Requests are accepted! Check out our playlists.
5) Songs are for sampling only. If you like something, please support the artists.

The Members (Active Uploaders):

Name: Megumi
LJ Name: lilac_neko
Megumi's Playlist
Last.fm Profile

Name: Windsong
LJ Name: rashkae
Windsong's Playlist

Name: Kayne
LJ Name: fallencult
Last.fm Profile

Name: Hoshi
LJ Name: hoshinokokoro
Hoshi's Playlist

On Hiatus:

Name: Tsuki
LJ Name: hiccups25
Tsuki's Playlist

Shun (aznsage)

Buttons of doom!:
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Thanks to:
senshicalico, hiccups25


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