taylor (homgsh) wrote in _feel_infinite_,

i wish we had more infinite moments. my friends and me and all of you and me. this community was always infinite, it felt like. and, sometimes i think we all just had our time and our infinity has run out, but it shouldn't. it never should. my school's mission is "that the natural state of the human spirit is ecstatic wonder! that we should not settle for less!" wallflowers, i wish we could stop settling for the finite. strive for the infinite moments. and while i say this, i also caution you and say you should not let your wonderment cause you to lose track of reality.

i hope you are all well. even when you are not, i will believe that you are. i hope the reason we have all been failing to document our infinite moments is because w e are out there truly living and participating and experiencing the ecstatic wonder and infinity that life has to offer us.

i am not always well, i'd probably be insane to pretend that i was. but, please when you think of me, think of me as being well. because maybe then, your good thoughts will get to me and i will be well once again.

i love and miss you all in this community. and i hope it hasn't died and won't die soon. _feel_infinite_ is where i have found some of my greatest livejournal friends.

anyways, goodbye for now.
love, taylor.
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