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The Evolution of Revolution

Transgression -- In Stores Now!

Fear Factory
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All Members , Moderated
We are the largest and most active Fear Factory community on LiveJournal.

Community Rules & Guidelines:

- All large images must be behind an LJ-Cut, no exceptions.
- Unrelated posts will be removed immediately.
- When posting a news article or review, credit the source.
- No spam, excessive community promotion, and/or flaming.
- Absolutely no tags or links for rating communities allowed.
- The LiveJournal Terms of Service apply to this community.
- Violators will be banned from the community and reported to LJ Abuse.


Creator & Maintainer: diztortion
Community icon created by korczyk.

Join the Fear Factory Online Squad:

36 crazyfists, agnostic front, american head charge, apartment 26, archetype, ascension of the watchers, at the gates, biohazard, black sabbath, body hammer, burning inside, burton c. bell, byron stroud, children of bodom, chimaira, christian olde wolbers, cloning technology, cyberwaste, cypress hill, damageplan, death by stereo, death metal, demanufacture, devildriver, digimortal, digital connectivity, dimebag darrell abbott, dino cazares, diztortion, dog day sunrise, dream theater, drones, dry lung vocal martyr, edgecrusher, einstürzende neubauten, fear factory, fear is the mindkiller, fearfactory, frequency, front line assembly, g//z/r, gabber mixes, gary numan, gigantour, godflesh, hardcore, hate face, hatebreed, hatefiles, head of david, headbanger's ball, heavy metal, hi-tech hate, industrial death metal, industrial metal, jagermeister, junkie xl, killswitch engage, kmfdm, korn, lamb of god, liquid 8 records, loud, machine head, machines of hate, madball, mastodon, megadeth, melodic death metal, meshuggah, metal is metal, metalcore, ministry, monster magnet, motorhead, music, nirvana, no assembly required, non-elitist metal, nonpoint, obsolete, orgy, ozzfest, pantera, phobia, pisschrist, pitchshifter, playstation, rainbow six, raymond herrera, remanufacture, replica, resurrection, rhys fulber, roadrunner records, saw, self-bias resistor, sepultura, shadows fall, slave labor, slayer, slipknot, soilwork, soul-of-a-new-machine, soulfly, spineshank, static-x, strapping young lad, sworn enemy, symphony x, the dillinger escape plan, the kush project, throwdown, tool, transgression, trillion records, trivium, ulceration, uranium, video games, walls of jericho, wiseblood, x-box, zero signal, zimmer's hole