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is it possiable to have found your soulmate at the tender age of 16? is is really possiable to have these strong emotions at this age? *dies* i don't know... but i honestly think so. :]]]
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a poem....

I would always just whisper
To myself “next time”
As I was pinched out of my fantasy
And brought back to the harsh reality of things
But I am losing sight of having dreams
And I’m tired of making wishes on lifeless stars
And always have the disappointment
Of having them never come true.
To believe that the world would come together
Peacefully, just as it should,
With everything in its rightful place;
To think that we would all
Get our chance at royalty and riches;
To hope that there is this one person
Out there somewhere
Waiting just for you;
It’s just too hard
And all your energy is just drained out of you.
Sometimes it just seems to impossible to fly
That no one even dares to try.
What does it take to understand?
And what does it take for just one moment
to lose touch with reality?
We all seem to drown in our fears and doubts
Before we even get a chance to believe.
We have fallen, hard and fast
And the pain we have felt
Just makes it harder to get up
Because we know that it is certain
That we will fall again, so much harder than before.

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hey you guys! I really want feedback on this poem, like what you thought about it or how i can improve it and such and such. Thankz

Little Girl

A little girl sits upon her window sill
looking up at the starry sky
wishing and hoping
that she will become a something
instead of a nothing

but that'll never happen

"it doesn't hurt to dream"
but when you're expected to fail it does
Nobody knows how she really feels
Even though she's smiling on the outside
she's screaming silently inside

She's so numb
she can't feel the pain anymore
she's so numb now
nobody can hurt her anymore

her world is fading away before her eyes
Even though she can't feel it, the pain lingers
inside he and has scarred her heart

lying awake
she's broken inside

The little girl wonders why nobody
has figured it out yet
something that no one would have guesses

that little girl is me
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yeah so i have changed my font so that the only way you can understand what my journal page is saying is to go to the post comment link. Mwahahahahaha. ingenious i know. this will help filter out some of the weirdos. and the other benefit is that it looks uber kool, like i speak some other language or something.

Sergio I called Sergi yesterday on Steven's phone and he said he was going to try and come to the play but said he would most likely come because I could have gotten him in for free and there was going to be food afterwards. But of course he doesn't come. All my friends keep saying that he probably does like me and so on and so forth. I doubt he likes me! I really really like him. The first time I met him I started to like him, I guess you could say love at first sight..but whatever. I really want to go out with him, but i seriously think he won't go out with me!! Right now, I am sitting here eating oreos and feeling really really stupid for thinking that I someone might actually like me as more than a friend.
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slowly getting the community together. new info page which is always good. adding new interests here and there... i have been really busy so i haven't updated. Finals and NY State exams coming :P