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Martí Riverola #Barça DNA!

Barça TV just posted an extremly adorable (seriously, I don't think he could be any cuter) Martí Riverola interview and it was too good to not to post, so here you go, Enjoy!


LJ doesn't let me embed the video, so here's the link:


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Te has tirado tres horas en el espejo pa ponerte guapo pa ligar,eso es lo que quiero..Besooos

When I saw this earlier i thought OMG this'll be great for the post-match spam on _fcbarcelona_... But OH WAIT.
So Barcelona just won against MILAN AC and there's not even a little wee bit of a match-spam? SMH guise. S.M.H. So I'm just gonna leave this here ok XD Just a quick note: it's equally hilarious and creepy, so enter at your own risk XDDD


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An Ibi post. This time about a different attribute of his.

Afellay, the man who brought the Berber flag at Camp Nou.

The Dutchman, son of Moroccans, has become a hero among young Berbers after he wore the flag of the Amazigh nation on Sunday for the Champions League celebrations with FC Barcelona .

Afellay, born in Holland and son of Moroccan immigrants, has never kept it a secret that he feels part of the Amazigh nation. The Amazigh, or Berbers, are a people of North Africa who live in parts of the states of Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Algeria or Tunisia. They have traditionally been a nomadic people who lived in the desert, but for decades now they have also started living in a sedentary way in different areas such as in Alhucemas, the north of Morocco, the Ibakuyen region, where the parents of the football player were born. This area, located near Melilla, has always had a great Amazigh presence. The Amazigh are a nation without a state who fights for the recognition for their language and identity in states where they haven't always been given any rights.
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La Fundació presents the educational project "Futbol3"

The project promotes dialogue and re-education through football and is going to be applied initially in Manlleu, Salt and Vic. The main beneficiaries will be children and teenagers with risk of social exclusion.

In the picture: the mayor of Manlleu Pere Prat, the grinch FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, the mayor of Salt Iolanda Pineda, and the mayor of Vic Jose Maria Vila of Abadal.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, the mayor of Manlleu Pere Prat, the mayor of Salt, Iolanda Pineda and the mayor of Vic, Jose Maria Vila of Abadal, presented on Thursday the new social project 'Futbol3' . This is a new program led by the FC Barcelona Foundation, which aims to promote human and social development in neighborhoods of Catalan cities identified as priorities for social action and community.
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This is an amazing project. My mother is a teacher in Salt, one of the towns where this is going to take place and i am super happy they are starting this since it's a very troubled place with so many issues and i am convinced this is going to help many kids.
Apparently there's rules like each team has to have at least one girl and the team can only win the match if the girl has scored a goal.
I will try to keep updated about this and provide further information when it's going on.
With this, once again, we prove that we are indeed more than a club. <3