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So precious.

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Volare, oh oh!


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btw, who is watching the game later tonight? tell me i'm not gonna be here alone!?

Today is the Catalan National Day!

11th of September is our National Day. Tradition sets that FCBarcelona (like the catalan government or many other institutions) go to Rafael Casanova's statue to give a flower offering. This year the representatives of the Club were:
·Board of directors: headed by Sandro Rossell, Bartomeu, Vilarrubí, Cardoner, Moix, Monés, Guinovart, Elías, Arroyo, Lee and Vidal Abarca.
·First football team: Guardiola, Puyol and Estiarte.
·Basketball team: Creus, Pascual and Grimau.
·Handball: Masip and Víctor Tomás.
·Indoor football: Carmona and Javi Rodríguez.
The players of the hockey team could not attend because they had different sport commitments.

The three captains, Puyol, Grimau and Javi Rodriguez the ones that put the flower offering next to the monument.

Later, in the official ceremony of the Generalitat (catalan government) held at the Parc de la Ciutadella, Carles Vilarrubí has represented the club.

Tonight, before the Barça Hercules match, a giant senyera (252 m²) will be deployed at the stadium, escorted by a group of 'trabucaires' de Gracia and Sant Andreu Palomar, The catalan actor Jordi Boixaderas will read a text before the big moment: the Cor Jove de l'Orfeo Català will sing "Els Segadors", the Catalan national anthem.

The sources are in spanish: (1)Visca (2)Catalunya!

Btw, i'll miss tonight's game because i'm going to a concert. Enjoy the match and the best of luck for our boys!!!!