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the king is dead, long live the king

A moment of silence, please, for the end of an era.

Thank you, Ronnie. You were brilliant.

[Just to update the previous post, since we now have an official announcement and confirmation of the price: 21 million euros, plus 4 million conditional on performances.]

ETA: the official site has quite a few tributes up: the Brazilian Magician, Individual Recognition, and the Smile and the Magic.

Ronaldinho to AC Milan

ROME (AFP) — Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho agreed on Tuesday to leave Barcelona, where he was deemed surplus to requirements, and sign for AC Milan in a deal reported to be worth 30 million dollars.
"AC Milan and FC Barcelona have reached an agreement for the transfer of Ronaldinho," said a Milan statement released on the club's official website.
"Tomorrow (Wednesday) the player will be in Milan for a medical and to sign the contract which will tie him to Milan until June 30, 2011."

The Article : http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5gpoUBI3Qe8Q-HiiC29Udntmj8ZHw
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Ronaldinho in Asia

Ronnie's currently 2/3 of the way through an Asian tour, being done with Nike as part of a shoe promotion. At each stop, he runs clinics for giant mobs of local kids, all of whom are clearly having the time of their lives -- and Ronnie looks pretty happy, too, all decked out in his line of Nike gear (of course). He was in Japan Monday, South Korea yesterday, and I think will be China today (I'll edit with China pix if there are any, rather than putting up a new post).

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A Game from Another Galaxy

In Maturin, Venezuela last night, the impressively monikered "A Game from Another Galaxy" -- the second annual exhibition match organized by Ronaldinho and Leo -- took place. (Though I can't find info about the organization or the match itself, it was apparently held to benefit a charity of some sort.)

Ronnie and Leo were captains and both scored (Ronnie got two) and handed out multiple assists; the match ended with an impressive final tally of 7-7. Sylvinho was supposedly there as well, but I'll be damned if I can find any evidence of his presence. (If anyone knows more or has more pictures, drop them in the comments and I'll edit!)

ETA: More info about the result, if anyone wants to know Important Things like who scored and whatnot.

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Picspam: Ronnie, Eto'o, Deco (and Leo)

In light of the latest news, and the fact that some of you guys expressed a preference for more picspams around here, I bring you this bittersweet look back.

[Don't worry, the presence of Leo isn't because he's leaving, it's because I wanted to pay tribute to the friendship between him and the three who are leaving, particularly his 'older brothers' Ronnie and Deco.]

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Pep Guardiola presented (w/transfer bombshells)

We now formally have a new manager. Well, he's now off on vacation after a season of hard work with the B team, but he'll back on the 22nd to present players and argue with Txiki about transfers.

+ Speaking of the B team, the official website has a summary of their great season.

+ If anyone still doesn't know anything about our new manager, they've got a bio up as well.

+ Guardiola said a number of interesting things in his press conference, spread out over two reports on the official site.

Main points:

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ETA: a great article about Guardiola's coaching style, via Google Translate. To give you an idea, comparisons are made to Sacchi and Mourinho. [Slightly scared now.]

good news, bad news, and fourfourtwo scans

+ Good news: Leo Messi's back in town, and will hopefully be fit in two weeks or so.

+ Bad news: Ronaldinho's out for the rest of the season. I...yeah.

+ The April issue of FourFourTwo magazine had a cover feature on Messi, which is fun but not exceptionally interesting (John Carlin's recent piece for the Observer is better), and an excellent article on the Barca youth system, both of which I've scanned in.

Apologies in advance for the quality of the scans - it was my first time scanning anything, would you believe.

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Ronaldinho wont be training with barca's team this week ,
but he will be tranning with the brazilian team for their
game on sunday 9-sep against USA ...

On the other hand a latest opinion that ronaldinho said
that he consider that the perfect 5 soccer stars in the world
from his point of view is "Messi, Kaka, cris ronaldo,henry and Deco"
stock; raining <3's

you gotta be kidding me?!...

FC Barcelona will present their case to the Appeals Committee against the sanction that was handed out to Ronaldinho by the Competition Committee.

The club believe that they have more evidence to show than was presented to the Competition Committee and it is considered that the one-match ban given to the Brazilian superstar, after he was sent off against Getafe, should be lifted.

The Appeals Commitee is set to meet to discuss the matter on Thursday to analyse FC Barcelona case.

What the fu#k??!?!?! Why can't they just accept the one match ban and move on?
Do we really depend on him THAT much? This is ridiculous.

(I don't even know why I made this post it's so stupid.)