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Made a separate post for this so we can fully appreciate the Christmas gift that the football gods graciously bestowed upon us this Christmas eve. LOL Merry Christmas everyone!
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"Jesus" signs for 5 years

Firstly, some other transfer news:

» Txiki confirmed Gudjohnsen will be joining Monaco. EDIT: OFFICIAL
» Henrique was sent out on loan once again but to Racing Santander this time.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona after the club agreed a €25million fee with Shakhtar Donetsk. The central defender's deal will include a buy-out clause worth €100million.

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Maxwell presentation

"I have always stated my availability and encouraged my agent to arrange for me to sign."

"Today is a very special and happy day for me. It is a dream come true. This is the strongest team in Europe."

"I know I am here to replace a player that has left and I know that competition for places at the club is a positive thing."

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Piqué presentation

One of Barca's home grown "crack" has finally been presented and shaved his head for the event. Yay!

"Gerard Piqué oozes Barça, and that showed in his presentation today in Sala París,
where he expressed his delight to be back at Barça." (article)

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Short video here of the presentation and a video of him playing around with the ball like they always do at presentations here.

Dani Alves signing and presentation

After an epic battle lasting many years, Dani Alves has finally signed for Barcelona. [I may or may not be kidding about the epic battle, but it is true that Barca have been trying to sign Alves since 03-04.] His contract is for four years and the buy-out clause has been set at 90 million euros.

For those who don't know him, he's probably the best rightback in Europe, and has been for a good two or three seasons. [Which, along with Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido's ability to drive a hard bargain, explains the 29 million euro price tag.] You may recall the numerous occasions on which he embarrassed our defence. That's not to say that he's a brilliant defender - he's alright, and his work-rate is insane, but the rest of the defense are going to have to cover for him in defence this coming season, as he runs all over the pitch making the attack work.

Sevilla built their team around his attacking capabilities and were well-rewarded for it. For various reasons, Barca can't do the same, but it is hoped that he will link up well with Leo Messi and help start attacks from deep.

In his comments, coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that he would be played primarily at rightback. When asked about the possibility of him and Messi forming a devastating partnership on the right [I am so excited to see them play together], he admitted that if they both played well Barca could have the best right flank around. [He then of course hastened to add that it depended on the collective effort, in line with his general message so far.]

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News round-up (depression time edition) later.