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Don't mess with Puyi!

Puyol's on the new tv3 ad of the campanades along with his Crackòvia alter ego!
Can't imagine the consequences if he had fight back at el clásico when Sergio Ramos hit him lol
TV3 guys certanly know how to make me happy!!
You must love his laugh <333

Little translation

Crackòvia Puyi (CP): This year the presenters of the campanades will be Laia Ferrer and me
Real Puyi (RP): No, I'll be the presenter
CP: No, I 'll be it
RP: No, me
CP: I'll be it
RP: no, me!!
CP: I'll be it!!
RP: No, me!!!
CP: I'll be it!!!!!
RP:  I've said you won't be it!!
CP. Well, yeah, maybe he's going to be the presenter

(sorry for my lame english!)
[Futbol] BARÇA

Breaking News: RFEF Strikes again

RFEF Horror Night - Episode 768

The Spanish Football Federation wants to avoid problems as the one from the last Osasuna - Barça (aka: Mission Impossible), in which the visitors (aka us) arrived late to the game (should we remind that it was their fault? Oh, wait...) , and they are going to propose a change of the law:  all the teams must stay the night before every game from La Liga BBVA and Copa del Rey away from home. As "El Mundo" says, they need the approval of its members, but they shouldn't have any problem with it , as most of the clubs are in favour. 

Source: SportYou
Translated by me, miss_black91. If you find any problem with the translation, please, tell me ;)
Italics in the article are addings by the translator


or maybe ?

(Done. First post here. *runs away*)
oh craaaaap
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Oh, Pinto, whyyyyyyy

UEFA suspend Pinto for whistling

José Manuel Pinto has been suspended for two Champions League matches by UEFA for an incident in the match against FC Copenhagen and Barça are now planning to appeal to the Control and Disciplinary Committee.

The Andalucian goalkeeper has been penalised for a controversial moment in the 26th minute of the Blaugrana’s triumph over the Danish side last week. Copenhagen’s Cesar Santin stopped running for the ball when he was clearly not offside because he thought he heard the referee’s whistle.

Instead, it was Pinto that whistled and UEFA have now suspended him for the incident. Copenhagen was his first Champions League game for FC Barcelona and he kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 win in Camp Nou.


... I actually find this funny, but silly at the same time.