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an open letter to the fans and members of FC Barcelona, from Joan Laporta

Given the spate of indecent maneuvers against my fellow board and specially against myself by the current Board I think it is time to express myself openly to the public and specially the members and fans of FC Barcelona. It was not my initial intention to interfere with the dynamics of the Club. However, when I realise that the attacks and bad faith against myself are increasing and falsehoods gainst the honour of myself and my ex-Board spread with all permissiveness and without any verification I have the right to decide for myself.

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Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya!
Joan Laporta i Estruch

Source: Laporta's Facebook page

Nothing is bolded because it is seriously all important and I think you should read all of it instead of skimming for the big parts.

Special thanks to wannabeinsicily for proof-reading and correcting after I translated this, and not laughing too much at my loltastic translation skills.