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So precious.

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Don't mess with Puyi!

Puyol's on the new tv3 ad of the campanades along with his Crackòvia alter ego!
Can't imagine the consequences if he had fight back at el clásico when Sergio Ramos hit him lol
TV3 guys certanly know how to make me happy!!
You must love his laugh <333

Little translation

Crackòvia Puyi (CP): This year the presenters of the campanades will be Laia Ferrer and me
Real Puyi (RP): No, I'll be the presenter
CP: No, I 'll be it
RP: No, me
CP: I'll be it
RP: no, me!!
CP: I'll be it!!
RP: No, me!!!
CP: I'll be it!!!!!
RP:  I've said you won't be it!!
CP. Well, yeah, maybe he's going to be the presenter

(sorry for my lame english!)

Now, it's kind of silly to impose the meme on you when all you wanna do is fap...BUT...

Badass Dani that must sign that contract already invites you in for the last meme of weekly kind for 2010

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Barcelinha over and out, have a ball Culitas, and Visca Barca!