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So precious.

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on a boat

~wahin party picture post~

Some good looking people, questionable fashion and google translate to ~raise our spirits~

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let's all go to jail together.

Marc Bartra did an interview for a Catalan radio station by the end of last season, after Barça Atletic got promoted to Segunda división.

Since we're all on a jailbait mood lately and I already did a summary of one part for ayejayyy on _fb, I might as well post the complete interview it and share it with you all.

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stock; raining <3's

september 7, 1980

Anyone who was included here will get a birthday post from now on because well, I love birthdays. If anyone wants to request a birthday to post instead of myself you're more than welcome to. If you wish, spamming is allowed in all birthday posts.

To start off,
Happy Birthday Milito!

He turns 29 today. Get well Gabi!

Now here are the birthdays we missed this summer...
º Messi turned 22 on June 24th.
º Busquets turned 21 on July 16th.
º Pedro turned 22 on July 28th.
º Henry turned 32 on August 17th.
Happy belated birthday boys.

And if you missed it, Bojan's birthday post.
stock; raining <3's

Milito's letter to fans

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity that FC Barcelona have offered me to express my deep regret that I will not be able to join my team-mates for pre-season training.

As everyone knows I have been recovering for over a year to return to playing after my injury. Up until now I and Doctor Ramon Cugat and the club's medical services have sought many different paths to find a solution to the problems that I have.

Unfortunately, we still have not found the answer that would allow me to rejoin my team-mates and to be completely happy playing again.

Every day I work hard in order to fulfil my desire of putting this all behind me and coming through this complicated situation that I am in because it has been, without doubt, the worst moment of my career and my life.

I also want to thank the medical staff for the honesty and complete confidence that they have shown in me and they have assured me that there is no reason for me to feel the pain I do to today.

There is no doubt also that I will not let my head drop and I will continue to do everything I can to recover from this.

I also want to thank all my team-mates, the coaching staff and all the medics and physiotherapists that have offered their unconditional support on a daily basis.

I know that I will overcome this and recover.

- Gabriel Milito


I feel so bad for him. :( Get well Gabi.

El Clasico countdown: 4 days!

Quote of the day:

"In the Camp Nou, I felt something extra when I scored that second goal. If there had been a roof in the stadium it would have blown off. The sound was unbelievable. I remember the challenge, the massiveness of the game, the incredible atmosphere, the explosion of noise..." - Gary Lineker on the night he scored a hat-trick in El Clasico

Video of the day:

Our current manager took part in Barca's last major blowout against Real, the 5-0 victory of the Dream Team back in 1994, featuring a hat-trick from Romario.


+ Real have a new coach! It's our old friend Juande Ramos, who once coached Barca B and knows players such as Puyol and Xavi from that period. As Pep acknowledged in his post-match press conference for the CL game, this will oblige him to change his preparations a little to deal with Ramos' tactical approach.

+ Injury and suspensions news: on the Real front, Van Nistelrooy and Diarra are definitely out through long-term injury; Miguel Torres and Pepe are also injured in the short-term; Marcelo and Robben are suspended; Heinze, Metzelder, Drenthe, Sneijder are doubts, and Ruben de la Red's playing future is still uncertain after his collapse some weeks ago.

On the Barca front, Iniesta is in the last stage of his recovery, and Gabi Milito is getting there slowly, but other than that there are no absences to report as of today. Let's hope it stays that way.

a little news and Sevilla preview

My apologies for my lack of contributions over the past month - I've been rather swamped by work.

+ Firstly, Barca beat Sporting Lisbon in their own stadium 5-2, so they're now sure to top the CL group with one game to spare, which is excellent news considering when the last group stage game is - sandwiched between the games against Valencia and Real.

+ Speaking of which, Barca's next four games: Sevilla (away), Valencia (home), Real (home) and Villarreal (away). The Christmas break is at the end of this terrifying run, which is good because by then the squad will probably need it.

+ Injury news: For those of you who were wondering, Abidal is still alive. I know I was starting to worry because of the lack of news about his progress. Apparently, he's due back soon, which is very good news at this time - Sylvinho, Puyol and Caceres have done a great job filling in so far, but it's always nice to have the first-choice player for the position.

Iniesta and Milito are both on track in their recovery. Iniesta has started running again and is (according to Pep) desperate to get back ASAP. Apparently Pep had to talk him out of rushing things. Milito on the other hand is finally running again after his long absence - it will still be a while before he's back, though.

+ Congratulations to Titi, who made his 100th appearance in the CL against Sporting (and scored Barca's opener too).

+ Okay, let's talk Sevilla. The squad:

Goalkeepers: Valdes, Pinto
Defenders: Marquez, Pique, Puyol, Caceres, Sylvinho
Midfielders: Xavi, Keita, Gudjohnsen, Toure, Busquets
Forwards: Henry, Bojan, Eto'o, Messi
We're still not sure where they play: Hleb, Alves

+ Past results at the Sanchez Pizjuan:

04-05 Sevilla 0 - 4 Barca
05-06 Sevilla 3 - 2 Barca
06-07 Sevilla 2 - 1 Barca
07-08 Sevilla 1 - 1 Barca

+ Links: Awesome Sevilla keeper Andres Palop says nice things about Barca, Pep wants the team to be ambitious and go for it, and the best defence in La Liga against the best attack (also statistically the best two defences, incidentally).

+ Both Dani and Keita are returning to their former club, so there's been a lot of talk in the press about that. Hopefully they'll be reasonably well received, especially Dani, who has a strong emotional connection to Sevilla.

This is a big, big game. Barca don't get results at the Sanchez Pizjuan often, but it's very hard to call this game because the two teams are both playing at a high level.

Game time: Saturday 10PM local time.

Visca el Barca!