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Martí Riverola #Barça DNA!

Barça TV just posted an extremly adorable (seriously, I don't think he could be any cuter) Martí Riverola interview and it was too good to not to post, so here you go, Enjoy!


LJ doesn't let me embed the video, so here's the link:


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Thi_Alcantara91 : No tengo palabras para el día de hoy! 06/12/11 [I have no words to describe this day!]

Te has tirado tres horas en el espejo pa ponerte guapo pa ligar,eso es lo que quiero..Besooos

When I saw this earlier i thought OMG this'll be great for the post-match spam on _fcbarcelona_... But OH WAIT.
So Barcelona just won against MILAN AC and there's not even a little wee bit of a match-spam? SMH guise. S.M.H. So I'm just gonna leave this here ok XD Just a quick note: it's equally hilarious and creepy, so enter at your own risk XDDD


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This is a non conventional post.

You all know the sentence "Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya", specially cos during the speeches of the celebrations the players say it at the end. 
But what does it really mean? Why is Barça so important for us Catalans? What does the club represent for us?

This is a documentary in english called "Spain's secret conflict" made by Gary Gibson. It explains the situation Catalunya and Spain are living and for a bit it talks about Barça. I think you should watch it to learn more about the country your club comes from.
We don't have the words "more than a club" just as an ad or because they sound cool.

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Guillermo Amor & Andoni Zubizarreta interviews on The World Game

,In my previous entry last week, I posted a link to a video which had Maxwell speaking English on the Australian football-talk show The World Game.

This week's episode, Craig Foster (the big-name Aussie football guy) spoke to Guillermo Amor and Andoni Zubizarreta about Barcelona's youth system. This time, the only English was from Fozz's side, but there are subtitles!

Come see the interview right here!


I'm not sure if there are more interviews to come, but if there are, I'll let you know. XD

Further viewing: Interview with Maxwell
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Maxwell on The World Game

K, so, in Aussieland we have a weekly (fairly well-respected) TV show called The World Game which talks about... well, you only have one guess, really.

The week just past, Craig Foster (big name in Australian soccer, former player, critic, commentator, chief analyst, etc.) had an exclusive interview with our very own Maxwell, and they have the video uploaded onto their website.

I don't think the video has an embedding option, so you can see the interview through this link here!

Craig Foster chats with Barcelona defender Maxwell about his time with the La Liga champion, playing with some of the world's best footballers, being coached by Pep Guardiola and the Brazilian national team.

And yes, it's Maxwell speaking English. Hoorah! \o/
(note that for some reason, the video shows up on my Safari browser but not my Firefox browser, but that might just be my Firefox being a bitch)

(They mentioned some other "exclusive interviews" with other Barcelona players(!!!) for next week's show, soooooo... stay tuned, y/n? :D)

So precious.

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Don't mess with Puyi!

Puyol's on the new tv3 ad of the campanades along with his Crackòvia alter ego!
Can't imagine the consequences if he had fight back at el clásico when Sergio Ramos hit him lol
TV3 guys certanly know how to make me happy!!
You must love his laugh <333

Little translation

Crackòvia Puyi (CP): This year the presenters of the campanades will be Laia Ferrer and me
Real Puyi (RP): No, I'll be the presenter
CP: No, I 'll be it
RP: No, me
CP: I'll be it
RP: no, me!!
CP: I'll be it!!
RP: No, me!!!
CP: I'll be it!!!!!
RP:  I've said you won't be it!!
CP. Well, yeah, maybe he's going to be the presenter

(sorry for my lame english!)