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So precious.

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This is my first entry in this community which I discovered just a week ago.
I made some bunch of f.c. barcelona icons months ago and I would love to share them with all of you.



There are more HERE , HERE and HERE (these are in 120x120 but you can change them if you want).  I have many more saved in my photobucket waiting for being posted as well. ;)

BTW, today the team plays against Villarreal.. which I guess it will be a hard match.
stock; raining <3's

champions league picspam

Injury News: Márquez came out of today's game in the 52' after rupturing his meniscus. Rafa will be out for the rest of the season, 8-10 weeks. He'll undergo surgery on Saturday.

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Next Game: EL CLASICO! Saturday, May 2nd @ 20:00 (2PM EST) in the Bernabéu. Eeeeek!

El Clasico countdown: 2 days!

Quote of the day:

"The noise was deafening. My ears were ringing at the end. It was louder even than when I went to Celtic Park with Liverpool." - Michael Owen, after his first Clasico at Camp Nou.

Video of the day:

The last really satisfying victory for Barca against Real, back in 2005 with Ronaldinho in full flight, Samuel Eto'o at his best and Leo Messi beginning to show his promise:

+ Absentees update: it now appears that Sneijder, who had hoped to be fit for the game, will not be. On the Barca side, Aleks is back in training after overcoming his fever.

+ Rafa speaks about the importance of getting the 3 points above anything else.

+ The latest on tactical preparations: Real didn't let Guardiola's assistants film their game against Zenit (because of TV rights rather than any sinister reason) so they're going to go on the TV broadcast, as well as footage of Ramos' games against Barca while he was Sevilla manager and a couple while he was at Spurs. While Ramos' appointment has undoubtedly disturbed preparations, Pep and co are dealing with it as well as they can, and in the end, the most important thing will be to get their own players in the right shape.

Pep Guardiola presented (w/transfer bombshells)

We now formally have a new manager. Well, he's now off on vacation after a season of hard work with the B team, but he'll back on the 22nd to present players and argue with Txiki about transfers.

+ Speaking of the B team, the official website has a summary of their great season.

+ If anyone still doesn't know anything about our new manager, they've got a bio up as well.

+ Guardiola said a number of interesting things in his press conference, spread out over two reports on the official site.

Main points:

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ETA: a great article about Guardiola's coaching style, via Google Translate. To give you an idea, comparisons are made to Sacchi and Mourinho. [Slightly scared now.]