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barcelona; torna si us plau.

The hidden talents of our Masia boys.

Get those dirty thoughts out of your head crepes, that's not what I was talking about.

The discussion topic in question today will be this: the recent discoveries of our Masia boys' preferences, fueled by their recent adorable moc mocs on twitter.

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barcelona; torna si us plau.

Prepare your restraining orders ladies...the Barca B mugshots son aqui.

Last week we had an amazing time laughing our tits off to the first team mugshots, with some of the most...unfortunate photos I've ever come across of our otherwise beautiful boys. As if that is not enough, the freshly baked, newborn B team photos are out to, so take your seats over there, prepare your IDs, and let's get crepeing.
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barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

belated but hungover post...NEEDED SOME GRIEVING TIME OK


Just when we thought the world couldn't get worse, this happened about a week ago.

Barça B midfielder Martí Riverola will play on loan with the Dutch team Vitesse until the end of the season.
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"I can't promise titles, but we'll persist till the end" Josep Guardiola (16/08/08)


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Best of luck to our boys!! <3

Please don't let Ewspanyol win!!!

ps. Dear Mods, could we have a "Copa Catalunya" tag please? <3