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Con el socio todo, sin el socio nada.
With the fan everything, without the fan nothing.

Sticky: Book Discussion Post.
Another stunning batch of photos of the boys, this time with a vintage theme.

Diver & Aguilar:
 In 1871 the American company of Allen and Ginter began inserting pieces of card to protect the cigarettes from being damaged. It was not long before tobacco companies had the idea of printing advertisements on these cards, or "stiffeners" as they were called in the trade. In about 1876 companies began producing a series of cards that the smoker could collect. It was believed that this would encourage the smoker to continue using that particular brand.

The tobacco companies discovered that these sporting cards were a great way to obtain brand loyalty. In 1896 the first football set appeared. Footballers & Club Colours was published by Marcus & Company, a small firm in Manchester. These cards are extremely rare and individual cards are valued at £170. This is true of all the early football sets that were issued at this time: Footballers & Club Colours (Kinner, 1898); Footballers (J. F. Bell, 1902); Footballers (F. J. Smith, 1902) and Footballers (Percy E. Cadle, 1904). The cost of individual cards of these sets vary from £40 to £160.

In 1902 W.D. & H.O. Wills published a set of 66 football cards. This included George Clawley (Tottenham Hotspur), Matt Kingsley (Newcastle United), George Hedley (Sheffield United), Jimmy Crabtree (Aston Villa), Ernest Needham (Sheffield United) and Fred Spiksley (Sheffield Wednesday). Interestingly, most of the players were photographed in suits.
For the 2011-2012 La-Liga Season, Diver & Aguilar have recreated these vintage style cards with the first team squad of FC Barcelona,including Lionel Messi, who for the third year running has been voted World Player of the year & Pique,Xavi,Ineista and Puyol European and World Cup & Club Champions of Spain.

dis is feshun?

EMD says this is a prototype of our new away jersey next season.

(Thanks to: footballfangirl , grandelatte , and ibuyu for bringing this up btw)
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Barça considering shirt sponsor


According to Catalan paper Sport, Barça is looking into putting advertising on their shirts, with the marketing department already working with various formulas to maximize profit from the clothing of the Barça first team.

New FCB Jerseys...

What do you think? I don´t like the green shirt. :(( O_o


2009/10 kits revealed

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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The new kits will be worn in the remaining two La Liga games.


new kit!

Bojan almost sells me on the home kit, all on his own.

The Spanish version of the official site has an article up already, explaining the significance of the design and some of the details.

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[I'm just getting this up quickly, and half my photos are stolen off the official shop - if any of you come across bigger, more detailed pictures, please share, especially the big, official promotion ones with Messi, Rafa, Bojan, Puyol and Andres.]


New kits have been revealed

Nike and FC Barcelona have unveiled the new Barça kit for the 2007-08 season, which features the Camp Nou itself. The new kit for the 2007/2008 season celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Camp Nou, with details that celebrate the date. The new design has an elegant style reminiscent of the fifties but with a modern touch in the distribution of the stripes. read more + picturesCollapse )


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