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new kit!

Bojan almost sells me on the home kit, all on his own.

The Spanish version of the official site has an article up already, explaining the significance of the design and some of the details.

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[I'm just getting this up quickly, and half my photos are stolen off the official shop - if any of you come across bigger, more detailed pictures, please share, especially the big, official promotion ones with Messi, Rafa, Bojan, Puyol and Andres.]
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New kits have been revealed

Nike and FC Barcelona have unveiled the new Barça kit for the 2007-08 season, which features the Camp Nou itself. The new kit for the 2007/2008 season celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Camp Nou, with details that celebrate the date. The new design has an elegant style reminiscent of the fifties but with a modern touch in the distribution of the stripes. Collapse )