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So precious.

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is this picspam in order of time? no.
in order of hotness? nu-huh.
in order of hipsternes? wrong again.
it's in order of colours, because we all know in this club we care about fashion sense.


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DISCLAIMER: so, this post is so complete there's even a video. Problem? The damn embed code included some sort of autoplay. Turn your volume down because i couldn't find a way to make it stop. Sorry. :/

Volare, oh oh!


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btw, who is watching the game later tonight? tell me i'm not gonna be here alone!?

Tuesday i'm in love

Here's some news on the next Barça B Copa del Ray Hudson Rey match, and what's been going on today.

But first, have my favourite Fontàs pic, because i'm feeling generous today:

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pre-match news: Malaga v Barca

I apologise for my lax posting lately: it's exam time. Look for an increase in about a week's time.

+ An understrength Barca team beat third division Benidorm 0-1 with a strike from Bojan in their round of 32 first leg Copa del Rey game. The return leg is at the Camp Nou. Anyone want to guess how many people will turn up to that one? 3,000?

+ Bad injury new first: worryingly, Abidal has a knee problem that will rule him out for at least a week and might require surgery if it doesn't improve after that.

+ Good injury news: Guddy and Pedro both have medical clearance! They haven't been included in Pep's squad for Malaga, but look for at least Guddy to make a comeback against Basle midweek. Keita is running again as well, which is very encouraging.

+ Speaking of which, the squad:

Goalkeepers: Valdes, Pinto

Defenders: Marquez, Pique, Puyol, Caceres, Sylvinho

Midfielders: Xavi, Toure, Sergio B

Forwards: Henry, Bojan, Eto'o, Messi

*Swiss army knives: Iniesta, Hleb, Alves, Victor Sanchez

The new category there is for people who can play in a variety of positions across the pitch, leaving me unsure as to how I'm supposed to classify them.

+ Pep says we need to be careful. He's right - Malaga are a good side, only 4 places below Barca in the table, having just beaten Sevilla away [not many teams can do that] and on a 4-game winning streak. Any complacency will be punished.

+ He also says that Xavi is going nowhere, so feel free to continue laughing at the desperate attempts of publications such as Tuttosport to drum up rumours about half the Barca midfield.

+ Some news on the work of the FC Barcelona Foundation.

news bits ahead of Basle v Barca

+ Barca and Basel have a special connection - several, in fact, both in terms of Barca's founding and in terms of the ground being the place where Barca won their first official European trophy.

+ Seydou Keita will be out for two weeks after sustaining an injury against Athletic Bilbao. Initially it looked like he'd broke a bone, but thankfully that turned out not to be the case and he's just got a sprain.

+ Other injury scares for Rafa and Yaya turned out to be nothing, so they've both been included in the latest squad.

+ Having been rested because of muscle fatigue in the last game, Xavi is now back in the squad. Along with Leo and Puyi he has been tipped to return to the starting line-up, although with Pep you never know.

+ Incidentially, Leo is on 49 goals [in 118 games] for Barca right now. Hopefully 50 is just around the corner.

+ Speaking of goalscoring, Sammy has scored 11 goals in his last 12 games. So he's got some form at the moment.

+ Pep says:

"It's typical of this club to underestimate teams, but in Europe one mistake can cost you the game."

So the message is no complacency. A win here would put Barca in an excellent position in terms of qualification for the next round and take the pressure off during the month of December with all those difficult league games against Sevilla, Valencia, Real and Villarreal.