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an open letter to the fans and members of FC Barcelona, from Joan Laporta

Given the spate of indecent maneuvers against my fellow board and specially against myself by the current Board I think it is time to express myself openly to the public and specially the members and fans of FC Barcelona. It was not my initial intention to interfere with the dynamics of the Club. However, when I realise that the attacks and bad faith against myself are increasing and falsehoods gainst the honour of myself and my ex-Board spread with all permissiveness and without any verification I have the right to decide for myself.

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Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya!
Joan Laporta i Estruch

Source: Laporta's Facebook page

Nothing is bolded because it is seriously all important and I think you should read all of it instead of skimming for the big parts.

Special thanks to wannabeinsicily for proof-reading and correcting after I translated this, and not laughing too much at my loltastic translation skills.

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Some thoughts on the current transfer situation

Some of this is what's been reported in the press. Some of it is official. Some of it is pure speculation by me. So I'll label which is which and note that my intention, as always, is not to offend anybody.

1. Samuel Eto'o (or, 'what the hell is going on here?')

I'm usually willing to take whatever Pep Guardiola says on faith, since he's got a pretty good record with proving himself right. And it's the same with his first press conference of this pre-season - except for the bit about Samuel Eto'o.

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Barça // més que un club

Because I love you all, and because I love this team. ♥

Here are some articles from the latest edition of Barça Magazine, which is sent out to all the members (socios) of FC Barcelona, and which the FCB website is kind enough to put up for download in PDF file. *hinthint* It's bi-monthly, and the latest issue is on the treble, and the articles are just beautiful to read. I figured I'd translate them for everyone from the Catalan (which I read, but they also offer it in Spanish). Enjoy. :)

That May of 2009...

"Let's be realists, let us ask the impossible!" In May of 1968, this was one of the phrases that went from mouth to mouth of French youth. Also in May, but now in 2009, this phrase has a culé meaning. The treble is a reality that has stopped being impossible.

In 1968, Guardiola hadn't even been born yet. He didn't study at the Sorbonne either. But we can be sure that Pep Guardiola would make the principles of that French May his own. With the same nonconformist spirit, Barça has finished up a month of May that's difficult to describe, in which the grandest adjectives, day after day, have come into use.

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A letter from the president, Joan Laporta:

Dear members,

Congratulations are in order. Copa, League, and Champions League. Three titles for the treble season. With a job well done, we can say that the 2008/09 season has been, most likely, the best in the history of the club. It's won a lot and has made history. It's also achieved, with an undescript pride, without leaving any room for doubt, even the applause of our rivals. And we did it while being faithful to the aesthetics that have historically defined us and with a sportsmanlike attitude that corresponds to us. When it comes time to explain this success we have to remember certain values. For example, dedication and trust. From professionals to our own proposal. And from the fans to the team. The behavior of the members, of the penyes, of the fans and the audience at Camp Nou has been exemplary. This full support has found its reward in an unforgettable month of May.

In August we assured everyone that Pep Guardiola's proposal would have the willpower to define the times. Today we'd do well to look back a bit and understand that, in the end, hard work, taking care of details and working as one is what gives meaning to this collective adventure that we begin every summer. It's now time to enjoy the success, to understand what has been achieved and hold on to this stability. It's also time to lay out our goals. We need to keep ourselves on the road to success that we've been led down the last few years. And to win again, the first thing that we need to do is recognize difficulty.

In the meantime, thank you. To everyone. To all Barcelona fans, to all those who have cried or smiled with every goal this season. Thanks to those who come often to Camp Nou or those who dream of doing it. Thanks to the young and the not-so-young. To everyone, thank you. For having been at the team's side, for being proud of the club and for loving the institution it represents.

Visca el Barça!

The Daydreamer

"I don't dream of titles, because I get home so tired that I don't dream" Pep Guardiola (Friday, January 16, 2009, in a vigil before a 5-0 against Depor)

"Barça belongs to a world of dreams and Guardiola being coach at Barça is a beautiful story (...) Guardiola unites all the conditions to become the best coach in the history of Barça", Joan Laporta (Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 in the presentation of Pep Guardiola as coach of FC Barcelona's first team. Paris Room.). Read after what has probably been the best season in the history of Barça, the declarations that we can hear from its main characters may not surprise us a lot. But we only need to think about the commentaries that were generated when they were published to the press (and that were circulated over the internet!) to realize how exceptional they were. What's certain is that if Barça belongs to a world of dreams, Pep Guardiola is our top daydreamer. All we have to do is go back to the "It's when I sleep that I see it all clearly" by J.V. Foix to understand what the man from Santpedor has to say.

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Pictures of Pep that came with the article:

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Enjoy, everyone. :)

Laporta and his board survive vote of no confidence (but only just)

[Image swiped from official website.]

+ The vote break down is as you can see above. The official website explains the results. As the 'yes' vote did not come up to the 66% needed for the vote to be approved, it was unsuccessful.

[In my opinion, the right outcome has been reached. Laporta and co needed a slap for all the stupid things they've done over the past two or three years, and they've got that with the massive 'yes' vote, which is being seen as a punishment for the board; but a successful vote of no confidence would have meant elections, and elections would have meant no transfers until September, which would be disastrous for team-building efforts.]

+ Everyone present [including a number of former presidents, coaches and players] emphasised the importance of the process.

+ All in all, approximately 120,000 socios out of the 160,000 or so membership total were eligible to vote. The official website has a demographic break down.

+ The board had organised some interesting activities in order to increase turnout, including a chance to tour the Barca team bus, and to score a goal in the Camp Nou.

+ Laporta himself acknowledges the rebuke inherent in the large 'yes' vote and struck a conciliatory tone towards all involved.

news round-up: cantera awesomeness, and managers

Hope you're all enjoying Euro 2008 or the World Cup qualifiers going on in other parts of the world. On to the news.

+ The no confidence vote against the board will be held on July 6 in Camp Nou. A 2/3 vote against the board will trigger an election. Potential candidates include current vice president Soriano and former vice president Sandro Rosell [formerly Laporta's best friend, now his worst enemy].

+ The official website profiles Tito Vilanova, our new assistant manager, who will be familiar to the likes of Messi and Pique.

+ Rijkaard looks back. [Oh, Frank.]

+ Our top women's team [I bet some of you guys didn't know we had 1, let alone 4 - I didn't until about 2 years ago] were promoted back to the Spanish Superliga with a 7-1 [!!!] victory over FVPR El Olivo.

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(One of our new boys, Seydou Keita, has scored 4 goals in his last two games for Mali. Nice.)

Finally, Guardiola got back in town today from his supershort vacation, so look for a flurry of official presentations soon, starting with the unveiling of the new kit on the 25th.

And of course some more transfer announcements, possibly within the next week.