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"Jesus" signs for 5 years

Firstly, some other transfer news:

» Txiki confirmed Gudjohnsen will be joining Monaco. EDIT: OFFICIAL
» Henrique was sent out on loan once again but to Racing Santander this time.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona after the club agreed a €25million fee with Shakhtar Donetsk. The central defender's deal will include a buy-out clause worth €100million.

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Some thoughts on the current transfer situation

Some of this is what's been reported in the press. Some of it is official. Some of it is pure speculation by me. So I'll label which is which and note that my intention, as always, is not to offend anybody.

1. Samuel Eto'o (or, 'what the hell is going on here?')

I'm usually willing to take whatever Pep Guardiola says on faith, since he's got a pretty good record with proving himself right. And it's the same with his first press conference of this pre-season - except for the bit about Samuel Eto'o.

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Henrique signs

New Brazilian! He's 21, and a central defender with pretty much no experience. I'm actually a bit confused by this signing - that's 8 million euros the club can use for players they actually need now, instead of buying someone and sending them out on loan straight away, which is not really something that they've done in a while.

[Additionally, this does not bode well for the center-backs on the youth teams who want to come up to the first team, but enough moaning from me.]

Well, he seems like a sensible guy, and I've heard good things, so let's hope he does well at Bayer Leverkusen this season.

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I have tons of training photos from Scotland but no time to actually do the picspam - maybe tomorrow.