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The Clásico Waltz

Since everything has been Spain NT for the past few days, here's this gem I found. I dare you to watch it and NOT burst into laughter. I laughed so hard I'm crying right now! XD

the Clasico Waltz from Alma Al Farisi on Vimeo.

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PS. Mods, you can delete this if you must, but wait till the culitas have seen it first XDDDDD

New Xavi Interview

In a recent interview with Diari Sport, our second captain, Xavi Hernández, took the time to talk about some current issues on Barça’s agenda. The original interview can be found here.

Here are some of his words, which are always worth a read, regarding Barça’s relationship with Madrid, the Spain national team after the four derbies last season, and the new (still rumoured) signings.
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The MAESTRO hath spoken


There are some players who don't need a formal introduction and Xavi Hernández is one of them. He's the best midfielder in the world and the player who played more games in the history of Barcelona.


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Dani Alves interview in The Guardian

yeah I know the interview is with The Guardian and not Mundo Deportivo..;_;

In an exclusive interview, Dani Alves talks to Fernando Duarte about his move to Barcelona, the prospect of a first Champions League final – and his contempt for those cheat allegations.

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I thought this was very interesting, especially the comments in regards to Busquets and the Pepe situation. I wish there were more interviews with him!