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hold it here! a look inside the attacking performance of barca in the cwc final

The pretty sad thing for Santos in the Club World Cup final is that nearly every goal could have been prevented if the center backs could clear the ball. However that did not happen and as we know FC Barcelona went on to defeat the Brazilian club 4-0. This is a little look into just where Barca attacked from, how the goals were created, and where the shots from the players came from.

If you watched the final you know that Messi and Xavi ran the show. Now here is a little look into just how much.

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Dani Alves interview in The Guardian

yeah I know the interview is with The Guardian and not Mundo Deportivo..;_;

In an exclusive interview, Dani Alves talks to Fernando Duarte about his move to Barcelona, the prospect of a first Champions League final – and his contempt for those cheat allegations.

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I thought this was very interesting, especially the comments in regards to Busquets and the Pepe situation. I wish there were more interviews with him!

So precious.

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what is this fuckery




Daniel Alves, footballer of FC Barcelona and the Brazilian NT, has stated that “unfortunately” he has already “learned to live with” racism in Spain, and that the situation is “beyond control” in Spanish stadiums.


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source (El Mundo Deportivo):  http://www.elmundodeportivo.es/gen/20110208/54111732071/noticia/dani-alves-se-siente-victima-del-racismo-en-los-estadios-espanoles.html

I dunno what you guys think, but he deserves a HUGE PICSPAM.
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Now, it's kind of silly to impose the meme on you when all you wanna do is fap...BUT...

Badass Dani that must sign that contract already invites you in for the last meme of weekly kind for 2010

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Barcelinha over and out, have a ball Culitas, and Visca Barca!
on a boat

~wahin party picture post~

Some good looking people, questionable fashion and google translate to ~raise our spirits~

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xavi o rly
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Dani talked to the press about the ongoing contract negotiation

Alves: "I'll fight to stay here for many years"

"It's not about money, my agent know my priority, but only up to me, also the club," he says.

Dani Alves on Sunday offered his version of the program renewal in 'Hat Trick Barça' on TV3. Brazil wanted to send a message of reassurance, saying "I still have a year and a half of contract and my agent know my priority, so people should be quiet in that sense." Although the side admitted the interest of Manchester City "among other teams," Alves priority is to "stay in the club because I live sport in a very special and I identify with this team and this club." Therefore, the '2 'blaugrana said the renewal "is not about money, I believe that my work won me a value and if they also believe as I pleased, but not for me because it is also a thing of club and we should be happy the two. "

Dani Alves also gave his version of the "bizarre" trip to Pamplona and took time to remember the win at Madrid because "we wanted to show the world who is the club, the football team that puts ... My party was more fun because they had no time or play or press, hence their inability to end. "

Finally, regarding the Golden Ball, Alves said: "Messi is the best, but Iniesta deserves it for his goal in the final ... although it should be split in half with Xavi for his incredible career. "


source: google translated http://sport.es/default.asp?idpublicacio_PK=44&idioma=CAS&idnoticia_PK=732124&idseccio_PK=803

In other words, it is about the money. lol
In other words, he would be dead to me if he moved to man city of all clubs.
In other words, please sort this shit out and just fuckin' stay.
barca mes que un club
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Barça 5 - 0 Madrid (I'm still adding stuff keep checking)

I know most of you are asleep / wasted / getting laid but I'm going to post this anyways.
Feel free to add any gifs, macros, and images from last night (this morning) El Clasico.
I'd love to have a great collection of them and save it in my ~memory.
I'm sure there are loads of them :)

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