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Thiago and Rafinha Alcántara: from Barra da Tijuca to Camp Nou


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Martí Riverola #Barça DNA!

Barça TV just posted an extremly adorable (seriously, I don't think he could be any cuter) Martí Riverola interview and it was too good to not to post, so here you go, Enjoy!


LJ doesn't let me embed the video, so here's the link:


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Thi_Alcantara91 : No tengo palabras para el día de hoy! 06/12/11 [I have no words to describe this day!]
barcelona; torna si us plau.

Ricos, guapos, y estudiantes - Crispi eat your heart out

Ivan San Antonio did an interview with our babies a while ago - turns out they don't only win our hearts with their adorable twatpics and questionable hairstyles - our boys are the future Bill Gateses and Einsteins as well. Translated by the amaaaaazing emiliana84, so make sure to thank her specifically!

The cliché that football players can’t have an academic career died out long ago” stated Professor Xavier Ramírez, one of their tutors.

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barcelona; torna si us plau.

The hidden talents of our Masia boys.

Get those dirty thoughts out of your head crepes, that's not what I was talking about.

The discussion topic in question today will be this: the recent discoveries of our Masia boys' preferences, fueled by their recent adorable moc mocs on twitter.

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barcelona; torna si us plau.

Prepare your restraining orders ladies...the Barca B mugshots son aqui.

Last week we had an amazing time laughing our tits off to the first team mugshots, with some of the most...unfortunate photos I've ever come across of our otherwise beautiful boys. As if that is not enough, the freshly baked, newborn B team photos are out to, so take your seats over there, prepare your IDs, and let's get crepeing.
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Sarah Walker

LFP Awards 2010/11

The jury announces shortlist for each category

On Tuesday, the LFP Awards Technical Committee announced the list of finalists for the awards ceremony to decide the best players in the Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante during the 2010/11 season.

The Committee is formed by Xabier Azcargorta, Manolo Sarabia, Ricardo Gallego, Antonio Pinilla and Ricardo Resta, the latter, representing the LFP.

Category sections include: Best goalkeeper, Best defender, Best midfielder, Best attacking midfielder, Best striker and Revelation player. The shortlist of finalists will now be submitted to all of the coaches in the Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante for the 2010/11 season to cast their votes, corresponding to player from their own league, the winners in each section.

The players themselves meanwhile, will vote for the Best Player and Best Coach awards from their corresponding division.

Finally, the fans will also get the chance to vote via the Supporters’ Club Federation, ‘Aficiones Unidas’, for the player they feel should collect the BBVA Fair Play Prize in both divisions.

The LFP Awards Ceremony is the only official event of its kind in Spanish professional football and this year will celebrate its second edition following the huge success of last year’s event. The voting system, which involves only recognized technical staff and active professionals, guarantees an impartial and objective outcome.

Once the voting process has been concluded, a gala ceremony will be held in which all of the prize winners will be handed their awards. The date of the event will be published at further notice.

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