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Membership Application

Benvinguts a _fcbarcelona_ !

Please read this post thoroughly and carefully before joining or asking questions :-)

Due to a recent influx in membership requests, an identity theft case, and some trolling, we’ve decided to add a little application.*

*We will still approve LiveJournal accounts that are more than three months old and fairly active, but this application will help us in getting to know our members better. Especially those who don't have a LiveJournal account and found out about the community from twitter, google, or any other means.

Like Alves said, Barça is like a family, and _fcbarcelona_ is no different! We want this community to be a fun, safe place where our members are active and can express opinions, banter, have fun, and fap over Piquetón and Messi’s floofy hair.

Comments are screened, which means no one can see your answers/comments but the moderators!
Collapse )Please make sure that you do ALL the following before joining:

Step 1
Create a LiveJournal account if you don't have one yet. Create your account here.

Step 2
Read our profile page thoroughly. Make sure you understand the rules and what the community is about.

Step 3
Please fill out the questions asked in this post and submit your answers by commenting.

Since your LiveJournal account is less than 3 months old, please provide your twitter or tumblr account so we know you're real and not a troll. Only active twitter / tumblr users will be accepted.

Step 4
Join us here.

You are done! We will process your membership application as soon as we can :-)

Capità Xavi does tumbles to thank you for applying, and we hope to see you around!

* If you are already a member, just ignore this. We'll have another friending meme soon!

[mod post] maintainer shuffle and layout matters

Greetings, fellow cules.

+ My co-mod 0ntheverge has stepped down since she's not around much any more. Now, I'm around more than you might think [insert creeper, 'I'm watching you' music] but I'd like another more hands-on mod to work with me. Volunteers? (If you have previous modding experience that would be fantastic.)

+ daysofjune and tamings have kindly volunteered to give our comm a bit of a make-over, so look out for that.

[mod post] calling for volunteers

Hi, one of your friendly neighbourhood mods here. It's great seeing this place so active, even if some of the news animating us is upsetting. I'm not around as often as I could be during the season, so this post is a call for volunteers to post:

1. Match previews
2. Match reports/picspams (could be separate)
3. News posts - I'll try to do news round-ups, but I do tend to disappear from the face of the internet sometimes.

If you can't do it every week, tell me if you want to do it every home game, or just league games, etc. We can work something out.

Thank you all in advance. You make this comm what it is.
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[mod post] proposed new features

The last time I bothered you all, I promised updates on a couple of new features 0ntheverge and I were planning for the comm.

Here's what we have so far:

+ match previews - these will be done by me, hopefully the day before each game, with information on line-ups, and a bit about our opponents.

+ match reports - 0ntheverge says that she's prepared to continue doing the brilliant picspam/match posts she did for some games last season.

+ live reaction posts - both of us are very keen on having LRs for at least the big games. We'll probably alternate in organising them.

+ tags - 0ntheverge has gone through and done tags for the community. Please have a look and use the appropriate ones when you post, and feel free to ask us for new ones.

+ news round-ups - kind of like my last post, and probably either weekly or bi-weekly. You're welcome to leave a comment on my LJ if you'd like something included and don't want to make a post about it yourself.

And lastly, speaking personally (and echoing some of the comments on the suggestions post), I'd love to see more picspams and the like (training pictures, media events, match photos, etc). My own photo-finding-fu is very weak, however, so it's up to you guys, if you're willing, to get that aspect of the comm going.

I'd very much like to hear your thoughts on the above. And thank you.
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