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Some thoughts on the current transfer situation

Some of this is what's been reported in the press. Some of it is official. Some of it is pure speculation by me. So I'll label which is which and note that my intention, as always, is not to offend anybody.

1. Samuel Eto'o (or, 'what the hell is going on here?')

I'm usually willing to take whatever Pep Guardiola says on faith, since he's got a pretty good record with proving himself right. And it's the same with his first press conference of this pre-season - except for the bit about Samuel Eto'o.

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summer summary, so far




  • Villa wants a Barça contract, Valencia want lots of $$$$$$$. Now some reports are saying Villa has decided to stay at Valencia. Make up your mind buddy.
  • Ibrahimovic in on the verge of signing.
  • Barça might kill 2 birds with 1 stone, Eto'o & Hleb are supposedly part of the Ibrahimovic deal.
  • Caceres will most likely leave on loan. Juventus and Zaragoza seem the most interested.
  • Gudjohnsen was told to look for a club elsewhere and could be returning to England.

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The apparent starting XI for Rome

El Mundo Deportivo are claiming that Pep has decided on the starting line-up to face Manchester United.


Puyol - Touré - Piqué - Keita

Xavi - Busquets - Iniesta

Messi - Eto'o - Henry

Hmm, how do we feel about this?

Pep, instead of using players who are natural in their roles (ie: Caceres as CB and Sylvinho as LB) is taking players out of their usual positions to occupy the spaces left by our suspended players.

I also don't know how to feel about Busquets. I'm not sure if he's strong enough, or more importantly EXPERIENCED enough to handle United's midfield and the likes of Rooney. I'd prefer if we played the Yaya there who has been eating up the midfield alive all season, and risk playing Caceres in the back. Barca defends mainly in the midfield anyway... I think it's more important to have an experienced defensive midfielder than an "experienced" centerback (lol well Yaya isn't a defender anyway!)

Of course this is just the rumoured line-up, I don't know why Pep would leak his squad list this early, but at least Henry and Iniesta are starting!