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Our 10 Men of 2010 - Man of the Moment, Andres Iniesta (Football+)

Another Football+ article! \o/
According to the introduction of this feature, Our 10 Men of 2010, they cornered got 9 acclaimed football writers to choose "the player who captivated them the most over the past year". And then they fanboyed over them.
Of the 10, there were Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Samuel Eto'o, Didier Drogba, Brett Holman (don't you give me that "Who's Holman?", missy, he is our flawless Aussie son ok :< ♥), Honda Keisuke, Neymar, and, of course, our very own Iniesta and Messi.

So here is Iniesta's article, AKA Sid Lowe fanboying (a lot) over Iniesta, and proof I was not joking about the Star Wars thing. For many of you, there's probably not a lot that is Brand New Information, but I think it is still worth a read. :')
When I finish copying down Messi's article, I'll post that one up, because my back is killing me atm.


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Source: Football+ magazine
Words: Sid Lowe
Disclaimer: Spelling mistakes are probably my typos, and I apologise. Any grammar mistakes, however, I am confident are not mine, I just followed whatever Lowe piffed down. Any factual mistakes are also not mine, so if you have a bone to pick, Lowe is your man. XD

Further reading: From Little Things, Big Things Grow (btw I went back and edited a few [embarrassing] typos that I made when typing out that article. Please let me know if I've missed anything. :) )

TYFYT! \o/
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From Little Things, Big Things Grow (Football+)

Over the weekend, I picked up Football+ magazine (Australian-based, thus all the hubbub about Australian football):

There was an article about Barcelona football's influence [on Spain's World Cup win] (AKA Sid Lowe fanboying over Barça) and a fair bit about La Masia, and I thought I'd share it here. Basically it's a whole lot of fanboying, which I'm sure we can all relate to. It's fabulous. :')
Here is the article!

How Barcelona’s youth academy won the World Cup, and produced the greatest player on the planet.
Sid Lowe reports.

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[And here is a bit more about La Masia, belonging with the same article. Crybaby Iniesta! Awwww! :')]

Matthew Hall charts the history of La Masia

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Source: Football+ magazine
Words: first article, Sid Lowe; second article, Matthew Hall.
Disclaimer: Any spelling/grammar mistakes are probably mine, and I apologise. Any factual mistakes, however, are not, so please write to Lowe or Hall if you have a bone to pick. XD
Edit: Fixed a few of said [embarrassing] spelling errors, although I might've still missed a few. Please let me know if you see anything! :)

- - -

There are also two articles as part of Football+'s "Our 10 Men of 2010" feature, which, among others, covers Iniesta and Messi separately. For Iniesta, they fanboy (it's Sid Lowe again, jsyk) and talk about his humbleness and his hero-status, and they somehow incorporate Star Wars into it, idek, it's both hilarious and a bit confusing. For Messi, they talk about... well, they just fanboy over him. They take ten achievements of his and talk about Why He Is So Fabulous. :')
Would you guys be interested in reading about them? If not, that's cool. :) If so, should I smush them into the one entry, or separate them? (they are rather long articles, ftr)

Visca! \o/

news round-up: cantera awesomeness, and managers

Hope you're all enjoying Euro 2008 or the World Cup qualifiers going on in other parts of the world. On to the news.

+ The no confidence vote against the board will be held on July 6 in Camp Nou. A 2/3 vote against the board will trigger an election. Potential candidates include current vice president Soriano and former vice president Sandro Rosell [formerly Laporta's best friend, now his worst enemy].

+ The official website profiles Tito Vilanova, our new assistant manager, who will be familiar to the likes of Messi and Pique.

+ Rijkaard looks back. [Oh, Frank.]

+ Our top women's team [I bet some of you guys didn't know we had 1, let alone 4 - I didn't until about 2 years ago] were promoted back to the Spanish Superliga with a 7-1 [!!!] victory over FVPR El Olivo.

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(One of our new boys, Seydou Keita, has scored 4 goals in his last two games for Mali. Nice.)

Finally, Guardiola got back in town today from his supershort vacation, so look for a flurry of official presentations soon, starting with the unveiling of the new kit on the 25th.

And of course some more transfer announcements, possibly within the next week.

Barca B have won promotion!

Leading 2 - 0 from the away leg, they beat Barbastro 1 - 0 with a goal from Victor Vazquez [contemporary and good friend of Leo Messi].

[Match report from the official website.]

The club had made a massive effort to fill the Miniestadi, which paid off with more than 10000 there at the game, the sort of numbers not witnessed since the B team of De la Pena and co, years and years ago.

Overall, B team have performed admirably in the play-offs, scoring 9 goals in total and conceding none in two-legged ties against Castillo and then Barbastro. [God, I'm so proud of them.]

Coach Pep Guardiola [the incoming first team coach, for those of you who have been living under a rock] proved himself very similar to Frank Rijkaard in one respect: at the end of the match, he shook hands with the opposing coach and disappeared down the tunnel, leaving the spotlight to his players and their crazy celebrations.

He didn't spare his successor, Barca legend and good friend Luis Enrique any pressure at the press conference afterwards, stating that promotion to the Segunda Divison would be the B team's aim next season.

[The phrase 'the declarations of Pep Guardiola' put an enormous grin on my face. Seriously, though, the man needs more joy in his life. Smile, Pep, smile!]

News round-up: pre-season, youth teams, and more transfers

Since the last time we, er, spoke, not much has happened, but there has been one big piece of transfer news and some other items of interest.

+ Barcelona have finally, finally signed Dani Alves from Sevilla. No details have been disclosed yet, mostly because he still has to pass a medical and put pen to paper, but this one is definitely done.

I'll do a proper welcome post for him when the presentation happens - after all, he's our biggest signing in some time, so he probably deserves it.

+ More presentation related news: Pep Guardiola will be officially presented as first team coach on the 16th. [I won't lie, I'm really looking forward to it. If his presentation as B team coach is any indication, this is going to be pretty big.]

After that, there will be a quick string of presentations for Keita, Pique, Caceres and Alves, mostly because the club wants to get all that out of the way before the vote of no confidence on the board. [Speaking of which, remind me to do a post about that sometime.]

+ Speaking of Pep, the B team (or Barca Athletic, as they will be known next season) beat Barbastro 0 - 2 away in the first leg of their play-off final. If they can maintain or add to that advantage in the second leg at home [this weekend, folks, so keep your fingers crossed], they will be promoted to Segunda B.

+ Barca's youth teams have been beating up on Espanyol's lately. Cadete A (U16), Infantil A (U14) and Alevin A (U12) all beat their Espanyol counterparts to secure titles as champions of Catalunya in their age group.

+ Also on the beating Espanyol front, Juvenil A (the highest ladder in the youth team structure, right below Barca B) beat their Espanyol counterparts 2-0 to win through to the youth Copa del Rey semi-final (3 - 1 agg.), where they will face a Celta youth team.

This is worth noting because that team has an exceptionally promising bunch of young players right now, many of whom have high hopes of making it in the first team in a year or so. Keep an eye on names like Montoya, Thiago, and Rochina. Let's see if they can emulate the feats of Messi, Cesc & co and win the Copa del Rey.

+ Finally, the pre-season schedule, which looks worryingly full. Pep wants to have everyone back a week earlier than usual so he can work on getting them to look like a team in time for the CL qualifiers, but this means that the players currently at the Euros will get next to no vacation time.

Thoughts? Comments? News that I've missed?