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Our babies making it big in the PL.

The Telegraph recently did an interview with our Barca DNA at Blackburn Ruben Rochina, where he talks about how awesome La Masia was, and about how he made the move from Barca B to the PL. It's classically biased towards England, but hey, we can't have fapping over La Masia AND journo neutrality. In any case, it's a very honest and great interview.

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by Riccardo Romani, photos by Antoine Doyen shamelessly downloaded from tumblr cos my scanner sucks

Two months ago at Wembley stadium he lifted the Champions League trophy while wearing his Barcelona shirt and the captain’s armband his teammates gave him. Two months before that, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

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Iron Man | Bye

LFP Awards 2010/11

The jury announces shortlist for each category

On Tuesday, the LFP Awards Technical Committee announced the list of finalists for the awards ceremony to decide the best players in the Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante during the 2010/11 season.

The Committee is formed by Xabier Azcargorta, Manolo Sarabia, Ricardo Gallego, Antonio Pinilla and Ricardo Resta, the latter, representing the LFP.

Category sections include: Best goalkeeper, Best defender, Best midfielder, Best attacking midfielder, Best striker and Revelation player. The shortlist of finalists will now be submitted to all of the coaches in the Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante for the 2010/11 season to cast their votes, corresponding to player from their own league, the winners in each section.

The players themselves meanwhile, will vote for the Best Player and Best Coach awards from their corresponding division.

Finally, the fans will also get the chance to vote via the Supporters’ Club Federation, ‘Aficiones Unidas’, for the player they feel should collect the BBVA Fair Play Prize in both divisions.

The LFP Awards Ceremony is the only official event of its kind in Spanish professional football and this year will celebrate its second edition following the huge success of last year’s event. The voting system, which involves only recognized technical staff and active professionals, guarantees an impartial and objective outcome.

Once the voting process has been concluded, a gala ceremony will be held in which all of the prize winners will be handed their awards. The date of the event will be published at further notice.

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New Xavi Interview

In a recent interview with Diari Sport, our second captain, Xavi Hernández, took the time to talk about some current issues on Barça’s agenda. The original interview can be found here.

Here are some of his words, which are always worth a read, regarding Barça’s relationship with Madrid, the Spain national team after the four derbies last season, and the new (still rumoured) signings.
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Barca - Lio and Puyi

Just gonna leave this right here...

“I haven’t watched the game [CL Final] back. But on the night we felt we were a million miles away from them. The only thing we did differently [from 2-0 defeat in the 2009 final] was score. Some players might forget about it the day after, but I didn’t. When you’re taught a lesson like that it stays with you. It’s a big task but I’m sure the manager has plans about how to bridge that gap. It’s going to take something special to get anywhere near Barcelona… I think it’s the manager’s biggest challenge now, definitely. He’ll set his sights on Barcelona and trying to get to that level. But I think it’s the biggest challenge for all of us – not just the manager but the players and coaching staff as well. There’s no doubt – that’s where you want to be. Barcelona are the benchmark for everybody to reach. You have to hold your hands up and say they were better, but you don’t like doing it. You don’t like admitting it, but this time they were, as they were two years ago. But you have to work to try to get to that level. All over Europe, people are trying to do what the best team in the world does – which is Barcelona. I think the biggest thing for Barcelona’s players is their unselfishness. I know [Lionel] Messi is the one who scores 50 goals a season, but among the team he’s not the big star. As a group, they’re all stars among the team but there’s not one who stands out who wants to take the credit. They’re just an unselfish team in which not one of them is out for glory.”

— Paul Scholes, Manchester United

ETA: Originally from a Daily Mirror interview, but here's the totalbarca.com page.

The MAESTRO hath spoken


There are some players who don't need a formal introduction and Xavi Hernández is one of them. He's the best midfielder in the world and the player who played more games in the history of Barcelona.


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