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Con el socio todo, sin el socio nada.
With the fan everything, without the fan nothing.

Sticky: Book Discussion Post.

Piquira in El País

Hi all! stickmarionette posted a link to this awesome Luis Martín article in El País about Piquira, and it was so full of fabulous stories that I thought others might like to read it too, so a translation is below! Hope you all enjoy it. (I will say it does end strangely -- I looked because I thought I'd missed the ending, but that seems to be it! idk.)

Piquira: A year of love
After celebrating their anniversary, the Barcelona defender reveals secrets about their relationship - including the warm welcome she's received from his nearest & dearest

Insane amounts of cuteness and plenty of family stories through here:Collapse )
We have had the opportunity to interview one of the major talents in the youth academy La Masia. Meet Georgios Spanoudakis.
Most people, especially the youngest of our readers may not know who you are, Georgios. Can you tell me about yourself?

- I am 14 years old (born 1998), 171 cm tall and I play for the U14 team of FC Barcelona, ​​also known as Infantil A. I came to Barcelona and La Masia when I was 10 years old, is half Greek and half German.

Read moreCollapse )

This is an interview made by the Norwegian fan site Blaugrana.no. I found it interesting, so I thought I'd translate it and share it with you guys. I guess we all know a lot about La Masia to begin with, but it can never be too much imo xD

TMI Tuesday: Andoni Zubizarreta

FC Barcelona sporting director. Go-to guy for news on club signings and contract information. Professional creeper on future talent.

This is how the current generation of culés see Andoni Zubizarreta, as a man behind a desk, or a microphone, speaking about a club so dear to all of us.

But this is only a small portion of the larger portrait of a legend, of a man who has given his everything to two clubs and his country. Zubi is a myth to be cherished and never forgotten.

Flawless man is flawlessCollapse )

Messi CL Mag Feb-March 2012 Scans

Messi is on the cover of this edition of Champions Magazine
talkin' bout bootsCollapse )

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