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Leo Messi wins the Ballon d'Or (with Xavi coming third and Andres fourth)

With 473 points out of 480 (a new record), Leo was the overwhelming winner of the 2009 Ballon d'Or. As the Guardian pointed out earlier today, he has scored 41 goals in 51 games so far this year. That's far from his entire contribution to Barca's success, but it's a good starting place (and, let's face it, an insane statistic).

He is the first Argentine NT player in history to win this award (the other two Argentines won it playing for other NTs), and the 6th Barcelona player. He is also the 3rd youngest winner (after the original Ronaldo and Michael Owen) ever. And, of course, the first winner produced by the Barcelona cantera.

France Football (the publication responsible for the Ballon d'Or) has Leo's reaction. If you're wondering why there aren't photos of him holding the golden ball yet, they're taking them on Sunday when he goes to Paris to be presented with the award.

I think it's worth pointing out that Leo's still only 22 years old. He's been playing at the top level for 5 years and still has plenty of room to grow. It might sound a little strange, but for someone like me, who has been watching him develop since he was 16 years old, I can't help but feel proud of how far he's come. Congratulations, Leo. Long may your awesome continue.

Just as importantly:

1. Lionel Messi (Argentine, FC Barcelone) : 473 points
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Manchester United puis Real Madrid) : 233 pts
3. Xavi (Espagne, FC Barcelone) : 170 pts
4. Andrès Iniesta (Espagnol, FC Barcelone) : 149 pts
5. Samuel Eto'o (Cameroun, FC Barcelone puis Inter Milan) : 75 pts
6. Kaka (Brésil, Milan AC puis Real Madrid) : 58 pts
7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Suède, Inter Milan puis FC Barcelone) : 50 pts

Congratulations are due to Xavi, Andres, Sammy and Zlatan also. It may sound cliched, but the glories of last season were a real team effort. Here's hoping for more.

[There's no big splashy ceremony for the Ballon d'Or, but there is one for the FIFA World Player Awards, which is on the 21st of December. Leo has revealed that he already has 'clothes' for the occasion (hee!).]
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Sport have written an in-depth article describing the progress Ibra. It turns out that he's been very timid and shy (!!!) but has been fitting in well regardless.

Ok so I've been out of school for a while, and won't be taking any Spanish classes this semester so I'm using this chance to translate the article to maintain some of the language. Let me know if I messed up anywhere!

Oh ya and he cut his hair...
but that's not important or anything

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» Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao to win the Spanish Super Cup this past weekend. The 1st leg in San Mames (Aug 16) ended 2:1 to Barça and the 2nd leg in Camp Nou ended 3:0. (photos from both legs)

» Chygrynskiy is set to join Barça. He will be playing his last game for Shakhtar Donetsk against Barcelona tomorrow in the UEFA Super Cup. The Ukranian central-defender is expected to sign a contract on Monday.

» Jorquera and the club agreed to cancel the keeper's contract this past week. He recently signed with Second Division team, Girona CF. Jorquera spent 15 years with the club, 6 with the first team and 9 as a youth player. Albert gave a farewell press conference which the entire squad attended.

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» During the Champions League group stage draw today Xavi took home the award for UEFA Midfielder of the Year and Messi snagged the awards for Foward of the Year and Club Footballer of the Year. Iniesta, Piqué and Valdés were among the nominees. (more photos)

» Speaking of the CL draw... Barça are in Group F for the Champions League. Among them are Inter Milan (ITA), Dynamo Kyiv (UKR) and Rubin Kazan (RUS).

» Also, Zlatan is slightly scary but kind of adorable at the same time.

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More thoughts about Ibra

Soooooo, I've been skimming by the comments in this community, and I've noticed a common pattern with the attitude of Ibra. It looks like a lot of people here still seem really uneasy about this signing? Can we have a little discussion on why? I understand that he costed a shitload and arrived at the cost of our beloved Samu, but let's face it, Eto'o wasn't going to stay here any longer and it seemed that both parties were mutual (except for the crazy internal issues) on ending his run with Barca.

Zlatan seemed genuinely sincere at his presentation and extremely happy to have joined us. It's not expected that we should fall in love with every signing that comes our way but I'm just a bit disappointed with some of the negative attitude here towards a guy who wants to give his supporters his all, a guy who is already thinking about his new teammates and a guy who said joining this club has made him the "happiest man in the world". Ibra has a big personality and is notorious for his ego but we shouldn't let that one fact dominate our entire judgement of him. From what I've seen, he's also a very easy-going guy with a good sense of humour -- but the media won't exaggerate those positive traits like they will with his ego.

How he'll fit in and how his style will compliment his teammates is a whole different debate. Whether you like his arrival or not, the deal is done and he now wears our blaugrana stripes. I'm just saying that we should start to show a bit more optimism and support towards an extremely talented player who will be putting out his best effort to defend the Barcelona crest.

Yeah I know Villa was the favourite to replace Eto'o. He's the obvious answer, and the safe option but sometimes risks are what separate good managers from great managers. This is the player Pep wanted, we trusted him through the season that won us the treble, so I just think we should at least support our coach on this even if you don't like the player.

But look how proud and happy he is to be with us! Shouldn't we give some of those feelings back?