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barca mes que un club

Barça 5 - 0 Madrid (I'm still adding stuff keep checking)

I know most of you are asleep / wasted / getting laid but I'm going to post this anyways.
Feel free to add any gifs, macros, and images from last night (this morning) El Clasico.
I'd love to have a great collection of them and save it in my ~memory.
I'm sure there are loads of them :)

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First post here, so plz be gentle ^_^  I love this community, and you guys in general xD

Q: Which player of the opposing team would you sign (on your team)?
Íker: (shrugs) Well, Xavi! obviously, what a stupid question.
Xavi: (laughs) Well, I’ve always said that if I could, I’d sign Casillas.

I know, old stuff… BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IS BREATHING. ♥♥♥♥♥

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2009/2010 League Schedule

The LFP released yesterday the official schedule for next season's Liga matches, and Isiah over at the Barcelona Offside did the grunt job of sorting out only our matches.

Important dates:

First leg of the Spanish Supercopa, against Athletic de Bilbao, is the 16th of August, at San Mamés.

Second Leg of the Spanish Supercopa, against Athetic de Bilbao, is the 23rd of August, at the Camp Nou.

The UEFA Supercup, against Shakhtar Donetsk, plays the 28th of August, at the Stade Louis II (in Monaco).

First match of the season is against Sporting de Gijón, the 31st of August, at the Camp Nou.

First leg of El Clásico is the 29th of November, at the Camp Nou.

2009 Club World Cup will be played at Abu Dhabi between the 9th and the 19th of December.

Second leg of El Clásico is the 11th of April, at the Bernabéu.

Last match of the season is against Real Valladolid, the 16th of May, at the Camp Nou.

Champions League Final (cross your fingers!) is the 22nd of May, at the Bernabéu.

Copa del Rey Final (cross your fingers!) is the 26th of May, at a stadium yet to be decided.

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Sources: the Barcelona Offside and El País

El Clasico: coming right up!

Quote of the day:

"We will not beat Madrid 6-0, or 5-0, I can assure you of that. We've already won the media game 6-0. Brilliant. But the real game starts on Saturday at 10." - Pep Guardiola

Video of the day:

Barcelona's last win at Camp Nou in 2004, the game which many saw as a turning point for both Barca and Real - Barca on their way to dominance and Real, to decline. So it proved.

+ Surprise! Andres Iniesta is back in full training and may even be fit enough to be on the bench. It's a very slim chance, but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

On Real's side, Sneijder has been included in their squad, but may not be fit enough to feature. So the final list of probably absences for Real looks like this:

Injured: Van Nistelrooy, Diarra, De la Red, Heinze, Sneijder, Miguel Torres, Pepe
Suspended: Robben, Marcelo

+ There are outlandish rumours that Juande Ramos will play 5 defenders. Which isn't a very Real Madrid thing to do, is it?

+ Marca appears to suggest that Sergio Ramos will be the one with the fun, fun task of marking Leo Messi. (You'll notice that they're assuming that Messi will play on the right, which with Pep isn't exactly a certainty.)

+ Former players Mark van Bommel, Juliano Belletti, and Gio van Bronckhorst on El Clasico.

Soapbox time: form means nothing in this game. It's not going to be easy, no matter what it seems like. Personally, I agree with Xavi and co.: getting the 3 points is the most importance consideration here.

Please join us here for the live freak-out reaction post, Saturday 10PM local time. I'll be freaking out at work by myself, desperate to know the result. Pity me. *g*

Visca el Barca!