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Henrique signs

New Brazilian! He's 21, and a central defender with pretty much no experience. I'm actually a bit confused by this signing - that's 8 million euros the club can use for players they actually need now, instead of buying someone and sending them out on loan straight away, which is not really something that they've done in a while.

[Additionally, this does not bode well for the center-backs on the youth teams who want to come up to the first team, but enough moaning from me.]

Well, he seems like a sensible guy, and I've heard good things, so let's hope he does well at Bayer Leverkusen this season.

Looking cool and collected.

I think that's one of those club-regulation Audis that every single first team player gets one of.

This one is my favourite. I have to give him credit, this must be a pretty bewildering experience for a young guy with only six months of top flight experience in Brazil, and he appears to be handling it all very calmly.

Being grilled by the press already. [I wonder if he speaks any Spanish.]

Medical! Is it just me or have the String Vests of Doom gotten even scarier looking?

Lucky boy managed to run into the returning Euro Spaniards doing their medical check-in. [They'll be flying out to Scotland shortly to join everybody else.]

I have tons of training photos from Scotland but no time to actually do the picspam - maybe tomorrow.
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