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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

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The Mexican defender, who's currently playing for the NY Red Bulls on the MLS, has taken advantage of the break 'til March to play in   FC Barcelona's instalations. Today he did it for the first time training with Eusebio Sacristán's Barça B. Eusebio was Frank Rijkaard's  helper when the defender was playing on the first team. 
At the end of the training session he said he was pleased to meet new friends, teammates...  "Being in this city brings me back lots of happy memories.". The Mexican, that could maybe train with the first team some day, follows closely Guardiola's team: "I everyday check if it keeps being the best team in the world. On the last clásico they put their foot down and demostrated they are better. They're on a higher level".

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Can't get over how hot he looks with the Barça tracksuit

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Saluting Guillermo Amor

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