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FCB vs Osasuna game

Hi all, I'm new here and hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, but I enjoyed last night's game so much that I wanted to initiate a discussion with a few observations.

Overall a very nice game, I thought, with good communication between the Barca squad members and some beautiful goals, even if it wasn't the 8-0 rout that some fans might have been hoping for. Osasuna played pretty aggressively but basically didn't get near our goal the whole game.

Two nice goals, especially the second, an apparently effortless clip over the keeper. He, Xavi, and Dani Alves are playing really well together :).

Our Capi was an animal last night! He seemed to be in Osasuna's side for most of the match, and I think he made more attempts than anyone else except for Cesc, Messi, and Dani Alves. Maybe he was serious when he tweeted (with a cute pic) that he hoped Cesc would teach him to score a goal ;).

Lovely assists for three of the four goals scored. If Puyol is the heart of this outfit, Xavi is its brains. Much as I love Messi, I hope that Xavi gets the Ballon d'Or this year, I really believe that he deserves it.

Speaking of which, Leo was reported to be down with the flu yesterday morning, plus he never plays the first game of the year, so I was surprised and delighted to see him on the bench at the beginning of the game, and even more so when he stripped down and came on with a big smile in the second half. He rewarded Pep's trust with a powerful header off Pique Cesc's assist and then a nice curling kick near the post off Xavi's.

(I giggled a lot, a lot when Pep told the press that he wasn't asking Leo if he wanted to play this game because he already knew the answer, plus it was his decision, not Leo's! I'm speculating that he let Leo in because they were winning against Osasuna but not with as wide a margin as they would have liked before playing them away.)

David Villa and Iniesta
Although Iniesta was allowed to practice, Pep kept him off the bench, so he was sitting up in the stands near David Villa. It made me very happy to see them there supporting the team, although I kind of wanted to smack the guy who asked David for a photo while he was trying to get down the stairs on his crutches during halftime. Hopefully Iniesta will be well enough to play next game, and of course I wish David as speedy a recovery as possible. (By the way, David has a blog now; I guess it's a good time for it since he can stay busy and hopefully the fan support will help keep his spirits up.)
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