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Martí Riverola #Barça DNA!

Barça TV just posted an extremly adorable (seriously, I don't think he could be any cuter) Martí Riverola interview and it was too good to not to post, so here you go, Enjoy!


LJ doesn't let me embed the video, so here's the link: 

Reporter: Martí, how old are you?
- Martí: Eight
And since when do you play football?
- Ermm... I don't know
You don't remember? Was it too long ago?
- Four years
Four years? And you've always played at Barça or you used to play in the Escola?
- I used to play in the Escola
And do you like playing football?
- Yes
More than any other sport?
- Yes
And do you think you could be a professional footballer when you grow up?
- Yes
Who's your favourite Barça player?
- Rivaldo
- Because I like how he he takes free kicks and because he's very good
And do you think you could be like him in the future?
- No
- Because he's too good
Who would you like to be like?
- Figo
Do you play in the same position as him?
- No
Where do you play?
- Midfield
And what do you think of playing with Barça's "Benjamins" team?
- Good... Good
Are you happy?
- Yes
Could you belive it when they picked you to join the team after the trials?
- No, I couldn't belive it
How was it?
- I don't know
Explain it to me...
- I don't know!
What did you do with the other kids?
- We played a match and that's it

Guardiola after BATE match:

Martí was warming up and Aureli asked him: "Are you ready?" and he answered: "I've been ready for this moment all my life".
He's a boy that comes from the FCB Escola, not the 'Benjamins' team, from the Escola. How old are they, 7, 8...? yeah 6 or 7 years old, and today he's played in the Champion League. He really defines Barça's spirit. How he and Muniesa hugged after the game with a big smile on their faces..., this is the biggest value there's is, and I hope it'll be like this for a long time and the person in charge of this club will takes care of this.

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