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Oye José, escúchame que no lo hice queriendooo.Yo te fui a buscar y me lié, que día mas buenoooo...

Have you ever wondered what Thiago's favorite movie is? Who do you think is Bartra's idol? Does Álvaro Vázquez know who Bartra's idol is? Who is Villa's best friend at Barça? Ever asked yourself who is more popular with the girls, whether it's Bartra or Álvaro? What does the title to this post mean? Why are the OPs wondering what air is, what life is? and are posting from the grave?

Sooooo....Irene Junquera from (shudder) Punto Pelota has been stalking following around some random guys of the Spain NT &  the Spain NT U21 during their last concantraciones...and has asked this and much more. Without further ado, here's the two double interviews they've put up so far.
Bow down to hobophobicx for the perfect gifs (the subbed ones are from tumblr) & the flawless title choice (btw it's a clue for the content of this post, so prepare yourselves)

Irene: We want to know whether you get along with your teammates. We chose Marc Bartra and we’ll see how close you guys are.

Q: What is [Bartra's] birthplace?
Álvaro: Barcelona… I think? [laughs]
Bartra: Barcelona.

Q: His favorite food?
Álvaro: Well, I know for sure that he loves the “macarrones con bechamel” that the NT cook used to make.

Bartra: Well, I like everything, I eat all sorts of food. I’d say I like a lot “arroz a la cubana”.

Q: Hobbies besides football.
Álvaro: Spending time with his girlfriend, no? He’s always talking about her…
Bartra: Spending time with my friends.
Q: His favorite movie?
Álvaro: Errr…Invictus.
Bartra: Er. Peaceful Warrior [2006 movie starring Nick Nolte].
Q: Nickname?
Álvaro: Marcus. Or Bartra. O Marquitus.
Bartra: They call me a lot of names. But sometimes they like to call me... I don’t know, Patas [lit. “legs”], or things like that. Yes, cause I have really long legs.
Q: His idol.
Álvaro: Um, I would say Puyol.
Bartra: Carles Puyol.
Q: Foot size?
Álvaro: 43 ½. [US 9 ½ - 10]
Bartra: 42. 42. [8 ½ - 9]
Q: Does he like reading?
Álvaro: Yes.
Q: What kind of books does he like?
Álvaro: Mainly books about coaching.
Bartra: Yes. Right now I’m reading “Jugar con el corazón” ["Play with your heart"] by Xesco Espar. So far I’m loving it.
Q: Favorite music.
Álvaro: Reggaetón [did he just seriously say reggaetón?]
Bartra: I like el Canto del Loco a lot. [congrats if you got the clue right!!] Well they’ve split up now, but I like Dani Martín a lot.
Q: What’s he like during concentraciones?
Álvaro: He’s a pain in the neck! Well, a bit.
Bartra: I read or hang out with my teammates and talk.


Q: Álvaro’s birthplace?
Bartra: Badalona.
Álvaro: Barcelona. I’ve lived in Badalona all my life, but I was born in Barcelona.

Q: His favorite food?
Bartra: Errr… lasagna?
Álvaro: I love pizza.
Q: Hobbies besides football?
Bartra: I suppose… hanging out with his friends.
Álvaro: Listening to music.
Q: Favorite movie?
Bartra: Eeeerrrrrr [laughs]. Idk idk, his favorite movie? [yells out at Álvaro who’s somewhere behind the camera] What’s your favorite movie??
Irene: Hey, you can’t do that!
Álvaro: Uh, Idk, I can’t choose one, there are so many that I like.
Q: Nickname.
Bartra: Alvarito.
Álvaro: My nickname? Alvarito.
Q: His idol?
Bartra: Ronaldo, I think. I’m not sure, but I’d say Ronaldo.
Álvaro: Ronaldo.

Q: Foot size.
Bartra: 44. [10]
Álvaro: 44. [10]
Q: Does he like reading?
Bartra: I haven’t seen him read much, actually.
Álvaro: I don’t usually read a lot, but sometimes I do.
Q: Favorite kind of music.
Bartra: Idk, I suppose house music, or you know, stuff like pop music.
Álvaro: Everything, I like a bit of everything, from raggaeton to house music…everything modern.
Q: What’s he like during the concentraciones?
Bartra: He’s either playing parchis with his I-pad or “tocando los huevos a sus compañeros” [lit. being a pain in the ass to his teammates]
Álvaro: I’m a bit of a pest. I like “tocar los.. beep.. a los compañeros”a bit. [I’m a bit of a pain in the *beep* to my teammates]...what? He said the same thing?
Irene: Yes, he said the exact same thing!
Álvaro: He said that? Well, I didn’t tell him anything!
Q: Who’s more popular with the girls?
Bartra: He’s gonna say me, so I’m gonna go with him. Him.
Irene: But you’re popular too, right?
Bartra: Yes, me too.
Álvaro: Me. That’s what he said, right? [bursts out laughing]

PART 2 (this was from a month ago, around 10th of October I think]


Q: Do you accept to submit to out little test at Punto Pelota?
Thiago: Sure, go ahead.
Q: I’m here with David Villa, do you accept to submit to our little test for Punto Pelota?
Villa: Of course.
Q: OK. So…Name?

Thiago: Thiago.
Villa: David Villa.
Q: Nickname ?
Thiago: Thiago.
Villa: Guaje.
Q: Something you always do before entering the pitch.
Thiago: I step onto the pitch with my left foot first.
Villa: ...with my right foor.
Q: Your idol?
Thiago: Mi padre.
Villa: In football Quini and Luis Enrique, in life my dad.
Q: A dream related to football?
Thiago: To be world champion.
Villa: To continue collecting victories, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of.
Q: A dream not related to football?
Thiago: To continue being healthy, and be close to my family.
Villa: Good health for me and all the people I love.
Q: The atmosphere in the NT is... ?
Thiago: Unbelievable.
Villa: Very good, like always! [grins]
Q: Your best friend in the NT?
Thiago: Pedro, Jordi…
Villa: Pepe Reina.

Q: Your best friend at Barça?
Thiago: At Barça, Jonathan.
Villa: Xavi! Look, they’re both here now. [Xavi, Villa & Pepe were attending ]


Q: You can’t stand a person when…?
Thiago: When they’re fake.
Villa: When they lie, maybe.
Q: One of your best qualities?
Thiago: It’s hard to answer about your best qualities… idk, I’m a good friend? I’m a good friend to my friends.
Villa: I always try to stay close to my family.
Q: One of your flaws?
Thiago: I’m pretty stubborn.
Villa: Well I’m sure I have many. But there’s enough people out there pointing them out, so.
Q: Define Guardiola with one word.
Thiago: Unique.
Villa: [thinks hard] Hard-working.
Q: Favorite food?
Thiago: Picanha. It’s a Brazilian dish. It’s meat.

Villa: Pasta.
Q: What’s your motto?
Thiago: Live and let live. [grins]
Villa: Work hard to get what you want.

Q: Favorite movie?
Thiago: There are many. I like romantic movies right now. Idk, Gladiator.
Villa: Braveheart.
Q: Favorite kind of music?
Villa: Anything by “El Último de la fila” or Manolo García.
Q: The best thing about being a footballer.
Thiago: Traveling and being able to do what you love.
Villa: To have enough free time, especially in the afternoon, to be with my daughters.
Q: The worst thing about being a footballer.
Thiago: There isn’t a bad side [to being a footballer].
Villa: No, I’ve always wanted to be a footballer, and now I’m one, so. There may be some bad things, but the good ones definitely outweigh them.
Q: The best club in La Liga BBVA.
Thiago: El Barça.
Villa: El Barça.

[Punto Pelota guys praising the gurl for her interview, making fun of the fast editing =_= SMH these guys.]

This is me right now.
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