banana potato (asdfg) wrote in _fcbarcelona_,
banana potato

Image & Video Resizing Tutorial

Hi guys, I noticed some of us still haven't figured out how to resize images or videos so when they're left above the LJ Cut, they skew our layout.

Here's a simple tutorial, I hope it helps :)


1. Insert the image by clicking the insert image button :

2. A pop up box will open

Paste the url to the URL box and then click inside the width box. If it's bigger than 550 pixels in width then it's not a good size to be left above an lj cut.

3. Change it to 550 pixels in width or less.

This is the resized image:
Nice pose Cesc.


1. Go to the YouTube page and click Share

2. Next, click Embed

3.  Check Use Old Embed Code and put 550 in the custom width box

4. Copy the new code, click Embed New Media and paste it

5. Here's the resized video, good size to be left above an lj cut

That's it! Any questions about LJ Formatting?
Tags: members, tutorial
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