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OOH, fap fap!

Two things that Gerard Pique has done this week to attract our attention ladies. (well, more than usual)

He did a spread for FHM magazine this week. And though I'm not usually attracted to him....damn, guys. damn. Check it out ladies:

Notice how he always has that same ~brooding look, and how his photoshoots are always so hugely photoshopped (-___-)

There's also an interview and behind the scenes look (YEEZY AND PIQUE!!! #neutronfandomcollision), translated below thanks to Mr. Google, and a few tweaks by yours truly (if it sucks please tell me to correct!)

And in this 'making of' of his session for FHM, it is totally clear that Gerard Pique is a class player. On and off the field. As also demonstrated by Iker Casillas in the FHM Collections before him. The most fashionable Clasico is being played here at FHM! And without any dirty play or controversy..

A footballer, a model in his spare time, and surely one of the most envied men on the planet. At 24, Gerard Piqué has won three league titles, three European Cups and a World Cup, along with being one of the faces of Nike and the male image of Mango. What's more, the lady of his heart, Shakira, as well as the lady of his other parts, ibuyu, are one of the most desired and admired artists of the planet. On FHM Collections, the Barca defender confesses and talks about his tastes in fashion and football.

He defines his style as "modern and elegant." Shirts, jeans, jackets and ties are the protagonists of his closet, as well as sportswear. His favourite brands: Mango and Nike. Pique is a charming man who is attracted to the world of fashion. "I like to dress well and try on new clothes," said the player, and although he trusts his own approach, he also allows advice from Shakira. "All men are guided by our partners, a good opinion is always welcome," he says with a smile.

Already well accustomed to posing for the cameras, Pique is part of this large group of athletes that set trends and are more confident and secure because of it. However, he makes it clear that his role as a model "is just a hobby, football comes first." Since childhood it was clear that his objectives were "playing football and making a living off it, but not just on any team. I had a dream: to play at F.C. Barcelona. Today the club is everything to me," he says.

He admits to feeling privileged, being part of the Barca defence, as well as being an idol of the masses. "Many people see themselves in you and you are an example to all of them" he says. However, he also says there have been times where being famous "does not let you move with ease and sometimes generates uncomfortable situations."

How adorable that Shaki picks out his clothes?


Anyway, and on to the more important part.

Pique's most recent tweets have stirred suspicions inside me, and I have come to the conclusion that he has something to do with our very own comm here. Let us examine why.
Exhibit A:

Listening to Creep, by Radiohead. CREEP. CREPE. YES, CREPE. _fcbarcelona_'s unofficial anthem.


and, as if this was not enough to engrain himself into Cule minds, Exhibit B:

Yes, Culitas. Gerard Pique has just Hlebbed us all.

SO. Either he has been stalking our comm and twitter, or is actually PART of our comm with a sexkrit LJ identity and is lurking and moc mocing with his teammates on all the stuff we rant/fap about.


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