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Joan Laporta

an open letter to the fans and members of FC Barcelona, from Joan Laporta

Given the spate of indecent maneuvers against my fellow board and specially against myself by the current Board I think it is time to express myself openly to the public and specially the members and fans of FC Barcelona. It was not my initial intention to interfere with the dynamics of the Club. However, when I realise that the attacks and bad faith against myself are increasing and falsehoods gainst the honour of myself and my ex-Board spread with all permissiveness and without any verification I have the right to decide for myself.

Above all, it profoundly saddens me they decided to destroy our image with such levels of hatred, envy, and resentment. They are attacking both the image and honesty of my colleagues, my Board and myself with the risks and problems that this causes in all senses. I speak of risks and personal, family and professional problems. We have dedicated time and efforts into the building of the best Barça in history and do not deserve this cruelty, and we don’t deserve that our children suffer the consequences of this storm of lies and vicious attacks against us.

The construction of the best Barça in history is not by chance, but by the correct application of a management model that has been applauded around the work, responsibility, and honesty of a team of people who I have had the privilege of leading.

Firstly, I want to expose a huge lie about the economic situation of FC Barcelona, the poisonous idea that the bank account is empty. This is not true. We left in legacy an economically sustainable Club. They say they have no money, that there is not a Euro in the bank. Lies. We left a Club that in the 2009-2010 season earned more than 430 million euro. We left a Club that earns 140 million euro each season in audiovisual rights. We left a club that earns 40 million from Nike per season. We left prepared only to sign a credit of 150 million Euros with La Caixa and Banc de Santander. We sold Touré for 30 million Euros (by the way, I had the deal closed for 32 million, they know what they did); Ibrahimovic for 25 million, and Chygrynsky for 15 million. And they have sold the shirt to Qatar for 30 million euro. Therefore there is no money in the accounts? Lies! I assure you that my mandates have generated profits. And this is despite several maneuvers and reformulation of accounts and the imputation to our management of previous losses by previous boards and the subsequent losses that the current board has applied to us. In a flagrant and scandalous way, with absolute bad faith they deliberately charging our mandate with deliberately inflated losses.

We left a legacy of the best team in the history of football, with a squad of wonderful players with a long journey. And the manager, Pep Guardiola, with the commitment to renew at least another year. And all of his team of managers renewed. This means, My President and current executives, that the sport stability and economic viability are guaranteed for several years. Whether you like it or not, this is the legacy we left you.

We left a Barça with a Masia in a magnificent moment, the best moment in it's history. A youth squad that has nurtured Barça with exceptional players and has consistently produced high quality players who have already played an active part in the first team. We left a good and efficient programme in the football training that is in full operation and that will make many dreams come true in the near future.

We left a Barça with economically sustainably professional sports teams and non-professional teams competeing at a high level, promoting the good image of Barça and at a perfectly acceptable cost. We left a Barça commited to fight against violence in the stadiums. A Barça that received international recognition for being a role model of a sporting Club that had eradicated violent behaviour in their stadium. We left you a Barça with no violent people in the stands. And this is not easy. I can assure you.

We left a Barça in solidarity with the disadvantaged. A Barça committed to fair causes, with human rights, with civility, with culture, against racism. We left a Barça where sportsmanship, respect, effort, commitment, camaraderie, and responsibility are essential values of the Club. A Barça with UNICEF on their shirts. A Barça where the FC Barcelona Foundation, at an absolutely reasonable cost, using football as an instrument, developed in Catalunya and the rest of the word, solidarity centres providing comprehensive support to education, nutrition, health, and psycho-social support to thousands and thousands of vulnerable children.

We left a Barça without complexes, fully committed to their Catalan origins, with their identity, and the Catalan language and culture. We left a club with respect for all sensibilities of its fans, a Catalan and global Barça. A Barça that promoted its image around world with respect and pride. With humility, sensitivity, generosity, and dignity.

We left a Barça where the president and his board never hid in order to defend and protect the interests and image of the Club, its members and fans, and, of course, the managers and players. We always stood up, in every moment, immediately, relentlessly and forcefully, with incontestable arguments, no matter how complicated the situation was, and even if there was a risck or it would damage our image. First, Barça. Can you remember?

This Board has received a Barça economically solvent, viable, and sustainable. Therefore, president and directors, enough with the lies. Don’t invent stories, do not make concessions to violent people in the stadium (or do you have to pay the services rendered in the election campaign back?) and explain the contract with Qatar Foundation (don’t be so sure that it’s good for the Club to take the name of a country next to its crest?). Stop maneuver in an indecent way to make people believe that my Board and I directed the Club badly. The outward signs are too obvious to see that we did well. The undeniable strength of the facts is too obvious to see that we created a model of Club that has lead Barça to be recognised and admired as the best club in the world. Everyone would have wanted a club like the one we left!

I am very proud of the sporting, social, economic, and solidarity renown that we gave Barça and nothing would make me happier than it would continue on this path of success, but i am assured that they can not erase what has been done in this past years, they cannot tarnish the best years in the history of our Barça, the Barça of us all, with a campaign full of lies and resentment.

I reiterate that we do not deserve this indecent treatment and we will defend ourselves as many times as we need to fight the lies, falsehood, and defamation. We have the right to do so, specially when the attacks affect the personal, family, and professional levels. Our members are entitled to know the truth.

Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya!
Joan Laporta i Estruch

Source: Laporta's Facebook page

Nothing is bolded because it is seriously all important and I think you should read all of it instead of skimming for the big parts.

Special thanks to wannabeinsicily for proof-reading and correcting after I translated this, and not laughing too much at my loltastic translation skills.
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