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Flawless Debut for Eusebio and Kiko

The B team played their first game under new coach Eusebio today, a friendly against 5th division L'Escala. And guess who scored!

Barça B Eusebio Sacristan feasted in his debut against L'Escala. The Catalans showed their motivation is high from day one to the challenge of improving the excellent last season, in which they placed third. Yesterday's meeting marked the debut of the two signings for the B team, Cristian Lobato and Kiko Femenia. L

After a week of preparation, with double training sessions in Navata, Barça won by a wide 0-8, which served as an introduction of the playing style of Eusebio, for what was on the field, will continue to pursue by ambition and game combined offensive.

The man from Valladolid was fully satisfied with the performance of his players. After a few initial minutes of equality, Sergi Roberto opened the scoring in the 21st minute. Thereafter, the meeting turned into a monologue of Barca.

Marti Riverola, who just returned from a loan to Vitesse, scored the second, while rookie Marc Femenía and Bartra also scored in the first half. In the second, Cristian Tello shined after scoring a hat-trick and Jonathan Soriano, waiting to shape his future, contributed to the rout.

"Overall I've been feeling good the first game, but there are always things to improve, we note that most players have very similar automatisms of the game, now it is essential now to work on fitness," reflected coach after thrashing in L'Escala.

The Barca coach attests that much work remains to be done, "this is just the starting point for the team and I wanted to spread the playing time between players." Eusebio could not hide his satisfaction at the first game of Kiko, "played very complete, has been bold and upright," he said while the younger team noted that "the second division is very demanding, and physically have to work on it. "

After yesterday's game, seven Catalans will participate in the World Under 20 in Colombia. Martín Montoya, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Oriol Romeu, Sergi Roberto, Kiko Femenía, and Chritian Tello. They will not go back to Barcelona, ​​because this morning, the 7 must be concentrated in Las Rozas. For its part, the remaining team players remain in Navata until next Monday.

0-1, Sergi Roberto (21’)
0-2, Riverola (25’)
0-3, Kiko Femenía (34’)
0-4, Bartra (37’)
0-5, Tello (52’)
0-6, Soriano (69’)
0-7, Tello (74’)
0-8, Tello (85’).

and in case you were wondering what the other bb trolls were up to, Rafinha is injured and no longer participating in the U-19 tournament. Sergi Gomez and Gerard Delofineeee are the only barça representatives and they just don't give a shit that no other canteras are with them, since Delofeu scored six goals in a closed-door friendly the U-19 team played earlier this week. Six. S i x. SIX. Damn son!

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