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Babies Gotta WERQ


This is a U-21 (Bojan, Jeffren, Miño, Thiago and Montoya) post. Pedos wander off plz.

FIRSTLY; the boys werqing the Spain shirts


finished product:

SECONDLY; an interview with Miño
To wear the shirt of the National Team is always a great honor, and one of the biggest objectives is to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. This is one of the missions of Victor Ruiz, Ruben Miño, and the rest of the team in Europe.

(Ruiz plays for Napoli, and was in barça's youth system before switching to espanlol's instead. Too lazy to translate his parts but if you really want them I'll be happy to do it later :)

The debut is very important. How will you face it?
Miño: To start with a victory in such a short tournament is very important. It gives you peace of mind to face the next two games, something that you wouldn't have if you start on the wrong foot.

How do you think England will find the game?
Miño: For me it's a very nice opportunity, had not had the opportunity to participate in the other Euro competition, and now I only think about enjoying every minute I have with the seleccion. This is the most that a person my age can look forward and once here, try to win the championship.

We can't forget that this European competition, three tickets for the Olympics will be dealt out and it's important to be in London...
Miño: One goal is to qualify for the Olympics. To the world of sport, participation in a date of this kind is the best of what we can hope for, and we know that we have a great opportunity to get that coveted honor which Spain didn't have for Sydney 2000.

Despite this great Olympic goal, we imagine that the dream would be to return to Madrid on 26 June with the gold around your neck...
Miño: The number one goal is to get the championship and win the cup

To do with that title is to solve a very difficult group stage ...
Miño: : England is very strong physically, and the Czech Republic has a base of players who have been with the absolute. We know it will be very complicated, but if we play our game we can beat any opponent.

THIRDLY; an interview with Jeffren
The U-21 held in the afternoon his last workout before leaving for Denmark this coming Wednesday. The international striker, Jeffrén Suárez, was very committed to certify the season with a strong performance in the next European category, where three bills at stake for the next Olympics in 2012.

Important week of training?
We had very few days to prepare this first game against England, but the truth is that we have worked with a lot of enthusiasm and intensity and the coach has welcomed it. The team sets off tomorrow heading to Denmark and is eager and confident.

The first game against England will be a tough hurdle. What is the mood of the team for the debut?
We are confident ahead of the game, but we know that England are a great team. The most important thing is the great illusion that is the team we know. We have very good players and there are still a few days in Denmark to prepare for that first game, so we still have time to study the English.

Personally the season has been marked by injuries. How do you get to this championship?
Came with high hopes after a black season for me because of the issue of injuries. When the news [of being in the u-21 squad] was confirmed, it made me feel very happy and very confident that I can help the team in everything that they depend on me for.

Surely the more positive side you arrived with less minutes than other players ...
If you look at it from that point of view is somewhat important because I get much cooler than other colleagues and that is something that the seleccion can take advantage of.

What does it mean to you that Luis Milla trusts a man like you, although you have played fewer games over the season?
It is appreciated that the coach gives me that extra confidence and takes into account more than how the season has gone. For that reason, I am very happy with the decision taken.

FOURTHLY; An interview with Montoya
Martin Montoya and Diego Capel are two of the players who are part of the Spanish expedition that will attempt to conquer the Euro and Denmark and become one of the three bills that give direct access to the upcoming Olympic Games in 2012.

Although Luis Milla has always relied on a base of players in recent months has also rewarded some players, as is the case, with a place among the 23 chosen for Denmark.
Martin Montoya: Yes, I am very grateful to Mr. for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to go to a European. So I am really happy for this opportunity has come and I hope I can contribute much to the team.

Thiago and you just proceeded from the U-19 that was European runner-up in Lower Normandy last year and I guess it's an honor that the coach has entrusted you to make that leap to the Sub-21.
Martin Montoya: It's always an honor that the coach trusts you, so I pledge to work to maximum in order to achieve the objective of Europe. The truth is being a perfect year for me, I've played many games in the second division, I have even played some games for FC Barcelona's first team and now with this call for European I'm thrilled and I can not ask for more.

How do you value the match on Sunday against Russia?
Martin Montoya: You have to face it with great intensity, is a party that we want to play to get physical background and also can be a good test, and in Europe, face other teams from Eastern Europe like Ukraine or Belarus. So I think it will be a good game.

What is the purpose you have in mind for European Denmark?
Martin Montoya: The main objective is to win the title, but before we go game by game, step by step and thus get to reach the final rounds can give us, one of the tickets for the Olympics.

FIFTHLY; Thiago speaking. Does it really matter what he's saying?

SIXTHLY; reason for this post new OTP

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