banana potato (asdfg) wrote in _fcbarcelona_,
banana potato

Hi :-)

This is a Mod Post
You all may know that we have our own twitter account: @fcb_lj.
You might also know that a few months a go we decided to make a secondary twitter account: @fcblive.
We made @fcblive mainly to accommodate our tweeting needs whenever we go into #twitterjail (it has happened a few times during live matches).

However, we've noticed that we don't use that secondary account often at all.
It's a shame because....

that account now has more than 700 followers, more than our @fcb_lj account!!!!!!!!!!!
We think it has something to do with @fcblive being the official hash tag for everyting Barca :P

Anyway, starting from Monday, May 30th, we will migrate from @fcb_lj to @fcblive.
We won't closed the account, but we will stop tweeting from @fcb_lj and start using the @fcblive.

So, if you haven't followed us on @fcblive, please do so.
We're looking forward to interact with you there.

Just so this post isn't completely useless:
1. What is the story / inspiration behind your twitter username?
2. Recommend us your fave. footy / Barça twitters!


Tags: !mods, twatter
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