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Cadet A reaches the top, winning against Vilassar (6-0). They gain the title with five games left this season. Pepper Garcia's team have become the first team football club of Barcelona to ensure victory.

The championship, close

In the second part, the guys of Pepper and Ramón García Ros had sentenced the match, but between them and the league title still divided them 40 minutes of play. And, without any lack of ambition to blame them, the Catalans have just expanded the scoring in minute 10, with a goal from Mamadou, the eleventh season of the Senegalese.

Mara increased the scoring on 20 minutes and only five minutes later, Marc Navarro pointed to the party with the sixth goal.

Fiesta in the locker room

And, to party, which has experienced after the referee signals the end of the match. A Cadet boys have struggled to react at first, but once they are released, and nothing has been stopped. García Pimienta, Ros and Captain Roger Riera could not avoid being breastfed, and no one has escaped from the shower in the locker room, shouting and singing in joy.
The director in charge of football training area Jordi Mestre and the heads of the quarry Guillermo Amor, Albert Puig congratulated all components of the Cadet
With good reason: the Cadet won the championship five days before the end of the league, playing wonderful football with incredible results.

Just a fact that speaks for itself: the Catalans have scored a total of 126 goals, while Espanyol, in second place, has managed 50 goals. Champion makes a difference.

Barcelona's Juvenil A Team Also Become Champion of La Liga
One day after the Cadete A team wins their league, the team of Oscar Garcia also ensures victory with a tie in Cornella

Rafinha scored the opening goal a minute into play, and then Cornella equalized. Rafinha and Deulofeu had chances to score, but in the end it didn't matter as Barca were still proclaimed champions.

No party pics of the Juvenils yet ):

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