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(Guys, I'm honeslty sorry for the lateness, I lost the post several times & had to redo it, hope no one minds!)



Position: forward

Place of birth: Linyola (Lleida)

Date of birth: 28-08-1990

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Debut:  Osasuna-FC Barcelona (0-0, League), 16/09/2007 

Bojan was born to Serbian father Bojan Krkic Sr. who was a professional footballer for Serbian side Red Star Belgrade, and Cataln mother Maria Lluisa Perez. They met when he moved to Catalunya to play for local side Mollerusa and she was a nurse who helped him recover from a serious injury (I’m a stalker, don’t ask)


Bojan was the cutest baby imaginable. I’m serious. There was never a more adorable kid. I dare you to contest this.

Papa was a baller so naturally Bojan followed in his footsteps, but he had a few other interests as a kid. Apparently he played the violin…

… and he was desperate to have his own horse: “
When I was little I wanted a horse so bad, and my parents bought me all the equipment just leaving out the horse. Even today I don’t have one.” (so buy one? Or is Andres allergic?)

Bojan joined Barcelona at the tender age of almost 9. This was his player card:

Notice his toooooo cute for words baby signature! He has a more refined one now though:

Yeah, I prefer the baby one.

As a kid, he was asked once about making it to the first team and Baby Bo was’t concerned about trivial things like playing time and scoring. Nope, he had bigger things on his mind: “I’m curious if I play with the first team to know how people would pronounce my name and surname.” Awww.

In case you were wondering, it’s pronounced Boyan Krkich Perez and here’s how you write it in Serbian Бојан Кркић Перез (because Wikipedia is cool like that).

Bojan breezed through Barcelona’s youth levels like Messi breezes through defenders. His progression went like this:

Aleví B (2000-01)
Aleví A (2001-02)
Infantil B (2002-03)
Infantil A (2003-04)
Cadet B (2004-05)
Cadet A team - Juvenil A (2005-06)
Juvenil A - Barça B (2006-07)

He was marked early on as a wonder kid, with notable quickness, dribbling and his most celebrated asset – killer instinct in front of the goal. He’d see plays that often his teammates would not and was considered advanced in that aspect, to a point where chances could be lost because of his teammates not catching on to what he was trying to do. This is part of why he was advanced so rapidly through the youth teams.

It’s also said that he scored over 800 goals during his run through the youth teams, but it was never confirmed by the club so we don’t know for sure if that’s true (but it is).

Bojan made his debut with the first team in a friendly against Egyptian side Al-Ahly at just 16, and scored one of the goals in Barcelona’s 4-0 win. He went on to officially join the first team in time for the 2007-2008 season, called up by Frank Rijkaard.

Bojan missed out on the preseason because he was with Spain at the U-17 World Cup, but that didn’t stop him from having a great first season, breaking several records along the way:

-          He became the youngest Barca player ever to appear in a Liga match on 16 September 2007 when he made his Liga debut against Osasuna at age 17 years and 19 days

-          He became the youngest Barca player ever to appear in a Champions League match on 19 September 2007 when he made his CL debut against Olympique Lyon, at age 17 years and 22 days.

-          He became Barca’s youngest ever goalscorer in the Liga on 20 October 2007 when he had his first Liga start (away) against Villareal at age 17 years and 53 days

-          He became Barca’s youngest ever goalscorer in the Champions League on 1 April 2008, scoring Barca’s only goal in the first (away) leg against Schalke in the quarter finals at age 17 years and 217 days. This also made him the first ever player born in the 1990s to score in the Champions League and the second youngest player ever to score, behind Peter Ofori-Quaye of Olympiacos who scored at age 17 years and 195 days.

-          He finished the season with a record of 10 goals, breaking Raul’s record of goals score dina debut season.

After that, Pep Guardiola replaced Frank Rijkaard as first team coach and Bojan seemed to be getting far less playing time under him than he had under Frank. It was said that Pep held a grudge against Bojan because the season before, when Pep had been B-team coach, he’d asked Bojan to stay on in the B-team and not join the first team right away, but Bojan refused. This is just talk though and I doubt it’s true; things were just different during Frank’s last season. The squad was suffering from a lot of injuries and absences and Bojan had more chances to play, and was a bright spot in a team that was generally having an awful season.

Anyway, here are Bojan’s stats under Pep:


-          14 games into the season, only one of which he started, Bojan finally scored for the first time that season by netting both goals in Barca’s 2-0 win against Almeria. They were the only goals he scored in a total of 23 Liga appearances.

-          He scored 5 goals in 9 Copa Del Rey appearances, including one in the final against Athletic Bilbao.

-          He scored 3 goals in 10 Champions League appearances.


-          Bojan scored in the opening match of the Liga as Barca beat Sporting Gijon 3-0. He went on to score another 7 goals for a total of 8 in 23 appearances, and all of the last 7 were scored within the last 12 Liga games, where he was getting back into a scoring groove especially in the crucial final 4 games when Pep realized Ibra was worthless really depended on him.

-          He scored 2 goals in 4 Copa del Rey appearances, both against Leonesa as Barca won 5-0.

-          He scored 1 Champions League goal in 5 appearances, against Stuttgart.


-          Bojan scored his first Liga goals, 2 of them, against Almeria as Barca won 8-0. He set up Jeffren for the fifth goal of the Clasico as Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0. He scored the fifth goal against Real Sociedad as Barca won 5-0. He scored a crucial goal against Sevilla as Barca drew 1-1. He scored in his 100th Liga appearance against Gijon, bringing his total to 5 goals in 23 Liga appearances so far.

-          He Captained Barca for the first time in a Copa Del Rey match against Ceuta and scored his first goal of the season in the second half of that match, after having missed a penalty in the first half. So far it’s his only Copa Del Rey goal in 5 appearances, with only the final left to play against Real Madrid.

-          He has 0 Champions League goals so far in 3 appearances.


Bojan had a spectacular run with Spain’s U-17 team. He led them to third place in the 2006 U-17 Euro, coming out joint-top scorer despite that most players in the tournament were a year older than him and that for 4 out of 5 matches, he only played 40 minutes, also scoring a hattrick against eventual Champions Russia. In the 2007 U-17 Euro, he led Spain to winning the tournament, scoring the only goal in their 1-0 win over England in the final.

The RFEF ruled for him to miss out on Barca’s preseason in summer of 2007 to join Spain for the U-17 World Cup, something that was surrounded by controversy also because they denied Barca medic Ricard Pruna from accompanying him to monitor a tendon problem in his knee. Bojan scored 5 goals in the tournament and led his team to the final, but got sent off for a second yellow in the final seconds of the semi and had to miss out on the final after all. Spain lost to Nigeria on penalties.

After that Bojan had a promising run with Spain U-21 that prompted Luis Aragones to give him the first team call-up he’d been waiting for, having rejected the option to play for Serbia and deciding that Spain’s colors were the ones for him. Sadly, he wasn’t able to take part in the friendly against France after all because he fell ill.

Aragones called him up again for his squad for the Euro 2008, but Bojan opted not to go because of fatigue & wanting to rest after his first season with Barca’s first team.

He finally debuted for Spain’s first team when Del Bosque called him up for the first and only time so far for a match against Armenia on 10 September 2008, where he came on as a sub in the last 10 minutes.


Bojan took part in Catalunya’s annual Christmas friendly, which is the only match they play, four times:

-          Against Basque Country in 2007, scoring Catalunya’s only goal in the 1-1 draw.

-          Against Colombia in 2008, scoring once as Catlunya won 2-1.

-          Against Argentina in 2009, scoring once as Catalunya won 4-2.

-          Against Honduras in 2010, assisting two and scoring two as Catalunya won 4-0. He dedicated the goals to his parents who were in the stands.





FC Barcelona
2010/11 Spanish Super Cup
2009/10 Liga
2009/10 World Club Cup
2009/10 European Super Cup
2009/10 Spanish Super Cup 
2008/09 Champions League
2008/09 Liga
2008/09 Copa del Rey

2007 European under-17 Champion
2007 World Cup under-17 Runner-up

The Pep/Bojan issue:

Bojan doesn't play too often, some people say it's unfair of Pep, some say he's just not good enough and doesn't do it when he does get to play, etc. I don't think it's really fair to say he's not good enough because most of his appearances are 5-10 minutes subs at the end of the game, and he seems to have an issue with confidence, he's said this, he has to feel good and feel like his coach is counting on him to play well/score. Anyway, here're some of his quotes on the subject:

“I’m very proud of this stage which I’ve been able to share with Guardiola. He’s shown me values I didn’t know and which are making me a better footballer… I’ve learnt to be part of a team from a different place – the bench – and not to lose my excitement… to maintain confidence in myself. I’d never had to go through that before and I value the experience.”

"What’s important is that he says that I’m an important player for the team and that he values my abilities. That’s what gives me strength to remain positive and keep on training in the hope of playing more. There are a lot of players and I have to work hard.”

“In principle, my intention is to remain here and to keep on working, slowly gaining the minutes and confidence. The important thing is to demonstrate that I can play here, help the team and make myself available for when the coach needs me. I am still very young, we’ll see. I am a culé and I will always fight for FC Barcelona and to succeed here."

"At some point I felt frustrated about not playing, but I never lost the strength. Guardiola says I have to keep learning and I always try to make things difficult (for him).”

"Look, any football player who goes through this situation wants to play. But it is necessary to be conscious that this is Barca, there are a lot of great quality players arriving. It is difficult to have playing times. You must continue to work hard and take advantage of the minutes (you are given), and keep on growing (as a footballer)."  - In this interview from 2009, just before Bojan reached his 100th match, the interviewer totally grills him on not playing, trying to squeeze out some despair and disappointment but Bojan doesn’t cave. Read the full version here.


And Pep always says stuff like this: "He never lost his confidence, and neither did we lose faith in him. He was a vital part of the league championship last year. He made the two goals he scored. We know he’s there when we need him."

"Please Pep can I play?"

What does Baby Bo like to do apart from scoring goals?

He likes to ride his bike around his Linyola

And go to Barca Regal’s basketball games with Pique his teammates but he always sits next to Pique.

He went to school for a while. During his first two seasons with the first team he was still at school, and two hours before kickoff of the Champions League final in Roma in May 2009 he got a text message from his parents telling him that his grades were out and he'd passed the Spanish baccalaureate (woohoo!)

He likes trophies. He likes them on his head too.


He likes to smile. A lot. Andres Iniesta once said that Bojan always smiles, even when he’s not happy (awww) and Andresito would know, because he and Bo are super tight (but we’re getting to that). An interviewer once asked him about his smile too:

One of the things that people like about you is your perpetual smile. Does this come from some inner happiness?

“I’m very happy here. I’m part of the best club in the world. I’m surrounded by people I love and that is very important. That’s what really makes me happy. Everything else will come with hard work.” (February 2010)

He likes to wink too.



Kids love him.

He sometimes has a temper…


He’s known to have done a few photo shoots too. Just ask this chick (singer named Anni B Sweet)

He’s better solo though.



   Thrones work.

Bojan has a tattoo. It’s of a phoenix. On his right shoulder blade:

In his free time, he’s particularly good at looking hot.


And damn, that boy is hot. Really hot.Especially because he loves to take his shirt off. I mean really.

But his thighs are considered his biggest asset…

He has other assets too.


Even if they sometimes give him trouble.

It’s also been established that Bojan is a slut very friendly too, right?

Titi would know.

So would Pique.

Bojan tries to act innocent when it comes to him and Pique: “We’ve known each other for a long time. We play together in the under-21s and we were together in the youth teams. We’ve been close for years.”

But Pique isn’t shy at all: "His body is like a snake, he can change direction quickly and can slip past
easily. He is a kid in the dressing room but I am trying to make him become a man!"

Plus, there’s clear evidence:

But Giovanni Dos Santos came before Titi or Pique wtf our club gives champagne to minors?

Even Pep loves Bo (contrary to what Pique is trying to brainwash you into believing; that’s the subliminal message behind moc moc)

Ibra got a taste too.

And Bojan isn’t shy to branch out to other types of sportsmen as well. Ricky is proof.

Even if they’re three times his size.

And then there’s Andres…

*happy sigh*

My personal favorite, though, is Bojan with Jonathan Dos Santos a.k.a. Bojanathan a.k.a. Bowjan & little Jona, because when Bo scored his first goal of the season against Ceuta he pretended to shoot it like a bow and arrow (with cupid implications if you wish) at Jona who was on the bench and it was the cutest. moment. ever. ( Jona kind of has bench issues the same as Bojan does, on the B-team as a well as not getting first team playing time/call-ups but that’s another story)


Oh, uhm, he also has a girlfriend, named Blanca or something, pics here if you want to see here. I won’t post them because I don’t want ro ruin the post for kitty69lover .

Sources: Wikipedia

& of course, kitty69lover  who provided me with a generous selection from her very substantial stash of Bojan photos, thanks babe!

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