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Pep's Admitted into Hospital

  • He has been struggling with lumbago for a few weeks, it has been worsening in the past 2 days.
  • His decision to go to Mestalla and instruct from the bench aggravated this condition even further.
  • He was admitted into Dexeus hospital as soon as the team landed in BCN (around 2.30am).
  • EMD says he spent the night but Sports indicated that he's still in admission.
  • He will most likely be out for Zaragoza.
  • UPDATE: The Doctor who's treating Pep is Dr. Caceres, the Enlightened One.
  • UPDATE 2: OFFICIAL FROM FCB.CAT: Pep has a spinal disc herniation.
  • He will continue with pharmacological and epidural treatment. Still in hospital.
Xavi on Pep coming to Mestalla despite the pain:

"Guardiola está un poco jodido. Pero es el compromiso del entrenador y de la gente de casa".

Pot meet kettle!

#animsPEP #animsPEP #animsPEP
Tags: injury alert!, ouch, pep guardiola
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