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tmi thursday, oooh la la

Hello, everyone. My co-mods and I would like to announce a new weekly feature:


But here's the cool part.

Each week the post will feature a different first-team player, and be made by a different comm member every week!

Many of our members are new to Barça, new to football, or both, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the team individually. Because the players are more than just players - they are people with histories, personalities, and ambitions. With this, we would like to set a few guidelines to make the posts both informative and fun, and not just Wiki'd.

1. Be creative. Include pics, gifs, macros, videos, commentary. Whatever you like to make the post different from the rest.
2. You can use Wikipedia for a few things, but flesh your information with interviews and articles. (and don't forget to source!) Get as much info as you can, including trivia and interesting quotes, if possible.

If you don't feel comfortable making a post, you can team up with a fellow member and do it as a team! But, we ask that no one do more than one post. We want to let everyone have a chance to participate in this series. If you need help, or feel like your post is lacking, feel free to contact me or the one of other mods to find someone who knows a lot about your player.

We'll begin at the top and continue by squad number, once a week beginning 10 February with Víctor Valdés. Simple! Please keep that in mind when choosing your player. At the end of each post, I'll ask the poster to include the next week's player/member.

It is first come, first serve, but you can ask the first person if they would like to pair up. Please check the comments before asking if a player is available as I will not be able to update the post with every request.

So here we go:

#1 - 10 February - Víctor Valdés - johc
#2 - 17 February - Daniel Alves - allyson1093 + kitty69lover
#3 - 22 February - Gerard Piqué - girlbaroque
#5 - 1 March - Carles Puyol - pris_stratton
#6 - 8 March - Xavi Hernández - walker_sarah + zi_ultimate
#7 - 15 March - David Villa - heycurby + nickelodeon
#8 - 22 March - Andrés Iniesta - asdfg
#9 - 29 March - Bojan Krkić - calypso_63
#10 - 5 April - Lionel Messi - reshuffled + greenpixiehair
#11 - 12 April - Jeffrén Suárez - holaascensor
#13 - 19 April - José Manuel Pinto - janetbond007
#14 - 26 April - Javier Mascherano - hobophobicx
#15 - 3 May - Seydou Keita - ibuyu
#16 - 10 May - Sergio Busquets - kitty69lover + giggs
#17 - 17 May - Pedro Rodríguez - neecule
#18 - 24 May - Gabriel Milito - holaascensor
#19 - 31 May - Maxwell Andrade - firehigher
#20 - 7 June - Ibrahim Afellay - grande_latte + renigallagher
#21 - 14 June - Adriano Correia - keepyourspleen
#22 - 21 June - Éric Abidal - ibuyu

If it goes well with out a hitch, we'll do a second series on managerial staff and club legends! *crosses fingers*
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