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Ibi waves to fans.

These supporters came to his presentation even though it was closed from the public. >:(

Here is our newest Dutchie with  Sports Director Andoni Zubizarreta (L) and Deputy president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Photogs trying to be artsy for ~variety.

The Grinch poses with our Falafel.


He loves his kit. :3

Time for some awkward ball tricks display.

Cool foto.

His mother approves too!!!! <333

They cropped out his brother. Hey. :(

 Source: DAYLIFE

A couple of videos of his presentation:

"Visca el Barça!" <3

Some details about Ibi's contract deal:

Netherlands midfielder Ibrahim Afellay completed his transfer to Barcelona from PSV Eindhoven when he signed a 4-1/2 year contract on Friday.

Barca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta told a news conference the 24-year-old would be the only player brought in during the January transfer window and the Spanish champions' squad was now complete.

PSV received three million euros ($3.9 million) for Afellay and the attacking midfielder's new contract includes a buyout clause worth 100 million euros, Barcelona said on their website (www.fcbarcelona.cat).

The Dutch club would also get an unidentified percentage of any future transfer fee if Afellay was sold on, the statement added.

He will be eligible to make his first appearance for Barca in the La Liga match at home to Levante on Jan. 2.

Sports Illustrated


Made a separate post for this so we can fully appreciate the Christmas gift that the football gods graciously bestowed upon us this Christmas eve. LOL Merry Christmas everyone!
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