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Dani talked to the press about the ongoing contract negotiation

Alves: "I'll fight to stay here for many years"

"It's not about money, my agent know my priority, but only up to me, also the club," he says.

Dani Alves on Sunday offered his version of the program renewal in 'Hat Trick Barça' on TV3. Brazil wanted to send a message of reassurance, saying "I still have a year and a half of contract and my agent know my priority, so people should be quiet in that sense." Although the side admitted the interest of Manchester City "among other teams," Alves priority is to "stay in the club because I live sport in a very special and I identify with this team and this club." Therefore, the '2 'blaugrana said the renewal "is not about money, I believe that my work won me a value and if they also believe as I pleased, but not for me because it is also a thing of club and we should be happy the two. "

Dani Alves also gave his version of the "bizarre" trip to Pamplona and took time to remember the win at Madrid because "we wanted to show the world who is the club, the football team that puts ... My party was more fun because they had no time or play or press, hence their inability to end. "

Finally, regarding the Golden Ball, Alves said: "Messi is the best, but Iniesta deserves it for his goal in the final ... although it should be split in half with Xavi for his incredible career. "


source: google translated

In other words, it is about the money. lol
In other words, he would be dead to me if he moved to man city of all clubs.
In other words, please sort this shit out and just fuckin' stay.
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